• Adjustable Choke Valve
  • Adjustable Choke Valve

Adjustable Choke Valve

Bore Size2 1/16"~4 1/16"

Working Pressure3,000 psi-15,000 psi

Temperature ClassK~U

Products Performance RequirementPR1~PR2

Products Specification LevelPSL1~PSL4

Material ClassAA~HH

Providing Repair Kit for Adjustable Choke Valves


Choke valves are designed to control flow or pressure of fluids by change of choking area, available with various types such as positive choke valve, adjustable choke valve, orifice type choke valve and plunger type choke valve.
We can offer customized adjustable choke valve based on customer needs.

  • Products design, manufacture and inspection fully comply with API Spec 6A and NACE MR0175.
  • Body is available with a port for monitor and pressure release.
  • The added safety pin is designed to release cavity pressure prior to removing bonnet.
  • Made of hard alloy, valve plug and seat have excellent wear and erosion resistance to ensure normal operation of choke valves. 
  • Orifice and seat are installed below the entry pass to extend the service life.
  • Simple configuration and easy to maintain


Bore Size

2 1/16"~4 1/16"

Working Pressure

3,000 psi-15,000 psi

Working Temperature


Products Performance Requirement


Products Specification Level


Material Class



Manual / Hydraulic


H2S, CO2, high/low temperature, high pressure, highly corrosive

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