• CST75 Sand King
  • CST75 Sand King
  • CST75 Sand King
  • CST75 Sand King
  • CST75 Sand King
  • CST75 Sand King
  • CST75 Sand King
  • CST75 Sand King
  • CST75 Sand King
  • CST75 Sand King

CST75 Sand King


Max. Sand Storage Capacity (Unexpanded)60

Max. Sand Storage Capacity (Expanded)75

Max. Sand Conveying Capacity240 /h


CST75 sand king is developed and designed for the large-scale fracturing operations of the unconventional oil / gas fields to prevent abnormities caused by the interrupt of the sand supply. The maximum storage capacity of this unit is 75m³ and the conveying capacity is 240 m³ /h. The storage capacity can be properly adjusted based on the specific operation requirements.

Basic Parameters:



Max. Sand Storage Capacity (Unexpanded):

60 m³

Max. Sand Storage Capacity (Expanded):

75 m³

Max. Sand Conveying Capacity:

240 m³ /h

Overall Dimensions (L×W×H):

14500×2650×4100 mm  


 ≤29,000 Kg

The unit features large storage capacity. The tank is divided into six independent compartments and the sand storage capacity can be properly adjusted according to customer requirements.

The maximum storage capacity is 60 m³ with the tank unexpanded and is 75 m³ with the tank expanded. The six independent compartments make it possible for the storage of the different types of proppant based on the operation requirements. The sand storage capacity can be properly adjusted according to customer requirements.

High Reliability
The key parts are products of world famous brands to ensure the safety of equipments and personnel.
Large Sand Conveying Capacity
With the maximum conveying capacity of 240 m³ /h, the unit ensures the sand supply sustainability and stability in large-scale fracturing operations.

User-friendly Design
The control box is designed at the rear of the trailer (around the discharge port), which allows the user to conveniently observe the sand discharge and rapidly adjust the sand rate according the requirement of the equipments of downstream equipments.

Sand King
Description of the Power System
Both the external alternating current and the engine can be used as power source to drive the whole unit. When the engine-driving mode is applied, the engine will power the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic system will control the conveying belt and the sand discharge gates. When external alternating current is applied, the hydraulic pumps will be powered electrically and they will then drive the hydraulic system, but the conveying belt is driven by the electric motor directly.

Description of Sand Tank
The sand tank is made of high-quality carbon steel. The proper internal structure design ensures the sand can flow smoothly. The sand outlet adopts taper design to ensure a smooth sand discharge. The hydraulic gate valve designed at the sand outlet opens or closes the outlet of each compartment flexibly. There is safety passage and manhole on the top. The operators can also lift sand bags to the top and fill the tank from the manhole. There is anti-skid ladder inside the manhole for convenient access.

Description of Chassis
Description: Two-axle low-frame flatbed trailer
Fifth Wheel Coupling Height: 1,390 mm
King Pin Specification: 89 mm (90#)
Axle Qty.: 2
Tire Specification: 445/65 R22.5, Four tires in all.
Landing Gear Type: There are two fixed supports in the front and two mechanical screw jacks driven by hydraulic motor at the rear. The rated static load of each mechanical screw jack is 50 t.

Description of Sand Conveying System
The sand conveying system mainly consists of the belt, pulley and carrier roller.
Max. Sand Conveying Capacity: 240 m³/h
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