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Brief Introduction:

Jereh control cabin is mainly suitable for cementing unit, liquid nitrogen pumping unit, CTU, hydration unit and sand blender, etc. It can be equipped with control system to control the above-mentioned equipments or collect operational parameters. With good seal and noise reduction performance as well as snow/rain/sand/shock proof capacity, Jereh control cabin can provide comfortable working environment for operators and well protect the electric control components.
Besides, Jereh control cabin can be the central control room or office of well/mine site and be designed with catering/daily life devices according to customer requirements, which can provide relatively comfortable working environment for tough operation site.


ApplicableProducts Dimensions(L×W×H)
CoiledTubingUnit 1,800/3,200×2,300×2,200mm
LiquidNitrogenPumpingUnit 1,800×1,500×2,100mm
CementingUnit 1,500×1,600×2,100mm
AcidizingFracturingUnit 2,380×2,060×2,100mm
HydrationUnit 1,850×1,200×2,020mm
SandBlender 1,800×1,400×2,000mm


Good Weatherability: The working temperature varies from -40 ℃ to +55 ℃, and it is equipped with imported vehicle air conditioning system to achieve rapid cooling and stable work.

Sturdiness and Stability: It adopts military standard and production process and is made of one-plate without split joint. Its structure meets the using requirements of truck mounted equipments in rugged and bumpy road conditions. The service life of the control cabin is 20 years.

Heat Preservation and Noise Reduction: The interlayer of the bulkhead sandwich panel, whose total filling thickness of no less than 50mm, adopts the materials with fire rating above GB 8624 B1. The windows adopt the vacuum toughened glass, which better ensures the performance of heat preservation and noise reduction.

Friendly Human-Machine Interface: It adopts integral design to meet the ergonomic requirements, comfortable, compact, tight and stable.

Customization: It can be customized according to customer requirements besides the above-mentioned control cabins.
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