• DFQ1200-35MD Skid mounted nitrogen generator unit
  • DFQ1200-35MD Skid mounted nitrogen generator unit
  • DFQ1200-35MD Skid mounted nitrogen generator unit
  • DFQ1200-35MD Skid mounted nitrogen generator unit

DFQ1200-35MD Skid mounted nitrogen generator unit


Max. Nitrogen Displacement42,370 SCFH (1,200 Nm³/h)

Max. Working Pressure5,075 psi (35 MPa)

Nitrogen Purity95% (90~99.9% Adjustable)

Nitrogen Discharge TemperatureAmbient Temperature -15 ℉~-12.2 ℉(+5~10 ℃)

Nitrogen Generation Time≤10 min

Drive TypeElectric Motor


The membrane nitrogen generator unit separates nitrogen from air taking advantage of the different permeability of different compositions in compressed air going through high polymer materials.

The key nitrogen separation system uses the world advanced hollow fiber membrane process which can meet different gas output requirements under diffident working conditions. The nitrogen generator units can be widely applied in gas drilling, nitrogen gas lifting, nitrogen replacement, manifold purging and offshore drilling/production platforms.

Jereh DFQ1200-35MD nitrogen generator unit is skid mounted and the unit is integrated into one container, which can be installed on the chassis easily for convenient transportation. The container and the chassis can be separated according to different circumstances. There is a independent control cabin with soundproof walls to provide a comfortable working environment for operators.

This unit mainly consists of air compressor system, air treatment system, membrane separation system, nitrogen booster system and control system.

Air compressor system:

  • Sullair/Atlas/Ingersoll Rand complete sets of electric driven compressor 
  • Working system: 24-hour, continuous working
  • Protection: When the discharge temperature is too high, the oil pressure is too low, or the operation pressure is too high or low, the system can detect it and stop the compressor automatically.
  • The unit is equipped with aftercooler to cool intake air and compressed air to ensure the normal working temperature of the downstream devices.

Air treatment system

1. Five-stages filters

With differential pressure indicator and connected with automatic/manual drain valve and pipes

The after filter air meets the following standards:
  • The largest particle <0.01 μm
  • Residual oil content: ≤0.001 ppm

2. Heater

It heats the compressed air to control the temperature of compressed air entering the membrane.

3. Control system 

It has the function of displaying and monitoring temperature, and over temperature warning, and protection. The temperature control range is 1.7 ℉~10 ℉(35~50 ℃).

Membrane separation system

  • UBE/Prism/Generon/Medal nitrogen separation membrane
  • Nitrogen purity: 90~99.9% adjustable
  • According to the variety of nitrogen displacement, the nitrogen separation membranes can be used by dividing into groups.
  • It consists of sampling detection, purity adjustment control, temperature control and system protection.
  • The oxygen content can be detected on-line randomly and the oxygen/nitrogen content can be displayed through the oxygen analyzer.
  • The system will open the discharge branch automatically to discharge gas if it does not meet the set purity.
  • The membrane device shall produce qualified nitrogen within 10 minutes after the device is started.

Nitrogen booster system

  • Electric motor
  • Ariel/GE/Knox Western compressor
  • The booster and electric motor is connected through high-elasticity coupler.
  • The unit is equipped with aftercooler to cool compressed air to ensure the normal working temperature of the downstream devices.
  • The fan of the cooler is driven by the electric motor

Control System

1. Automatically controlled by PLC
  • The control model of decentralized control and centralized management achieves that, the key parts forms automatic control unit separately, to ensure safety of each unit.
  • On the screen of controller, the main operation parameters are displayed. The parameters include operation status, warning status and systematical operation indexes, etc.

2. Standard control functions are

  • Starting or stopping system. 
  • Air compressor failure warning and automatic protection. 
  • Filter work condition and warning. 
  • Automatic warning and protection upon abnormal operation temperature of the membrane system.
  • Warning when the oxygen content exceeds the set value and automatic discharge of the unqualified nitrogen.
  • Booster failure warning and automatic protection, low air suction pressure protection, warning and protection upon high discharge pressure and high discharge temperature


  1. DFQ1200-35MD membrane nitrogen generator unit can make up operations which the nitrogen pumper could not accomplish economically.  
  2. 24-hour, continuous working, and non-failure operation time ≥480h
  3. Membrane service life ≥10 years
  4. Automatic drain system
  5. The nitrogen separation membrane module is wrapped with stainless steel and filled with thermal insulation materials. The effective thermal insulation and anticorrosion performance makes the unit meet the offshore operation requirements. 
  6. The process gas lines and drainage lines are wrapped with electric tracing and treated with heat preservation process to ensure the unit can work in low-temperature conditions.
  7. The key parts of the unit are products of word famous brands and have the monitoring and protection functions such as pressure monitoring and emergency alarm to improve both equipments and personnel safety. 
  8. The container has independent control cabin which is equipped with air conditioner and advanced structure for heat preservation and noise reduction. No matter what the weather is, the control cabin can provide the customers with a nice operation condition.
  9. The container adopts up-and-over doors which ensure beautiful appearance, and comfortable and safe operation conditions. The upper door can perform as a sunshade when it is opened and the lower door is designed with steps and guardrail.
  10. The intelligent control system developed independently by Jereh is equipped with Siemens PLC and screen to ensure stable performance and vivid display.
  11. Global professional after-sales service



Max. Nitrogen Displacement

42,370 SCFH (1,200 Nm³/h)

Max. Working Pressure

5,075 psi (35 MPa)

Nitrogen Purity

95% (90~99.9% Adjustable)

Nitrogen Discharge Temperature

Ambient Temperature  -15 ℉~-12.2 ℉ (+5~10 ℃)

Nitrogen Generation Time

≤10 min

Drive Type

Electric Motor

Cooling Method

Air cooling

Operation Method

Touchscreen Operation

Control Method

PLC Control

Working Temperature

- 33.9 ℉~+7.2 ℉(-29 ℃~+45 ℃)

Ambient Relative Humidity


Design Altitude

3280 ft (1,000 m)

Applicable Altitude

≤9840 ft (3,000 m)



Working System

24-hour, continuous work

Delivery Attached Spare Parts

Delivery attached tools box, spare parts box

Fire-fighting Equipment

Two dry powder extinguishers

Service Life

25 years

According to customer requirements (Nitrogen rate/purity/working pressure, working conditions, main application, customer special requirements, etc.), we will provide the most suitable and customized solution according to our professional experience.

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