• DGQ180-102 Yard Spooler
  • DGQ180-102 Yard Spooler
  • DGQ180-102 Yard Spooler
  • DGQ180-102 Yard Spooler
  • DGQ180-102 Yard Spooler
  • DGQ180-102 Yard Spooler

DGQ180-102 Yard Spooler


(without remote control console)178X178X120 in (4,500×4,500×4,000 mm)

Unit Weight (without spool)11,000 lb (5,000 kg)

Allowable Max. Shipping Spool O.D.180″ (6,000 mm)

Allowable Max. Shipping Spool O.W.102″ (3,400 mm)

Allowable Min. Shipping Spool O.W.58″ (1,473 mm)

Max. Allowable Reel Weight98,000lb (40 t)

Remote Operation Console Dimensions (L×H×W)43X31X43 in (1,100×800×1,100 mm)

Max. Transportation Dimensions ( levelwind arm disassembled)178X102X130 in (4,500×2,600×3,300 mm) 178X105X130 in (4,560×2670×3,300mm)


Product Brief Introduction:

This yard spooler is used to spool the coiled tubing from the shipping spool to the coiled tubing reel or from the coiled tubing reel to the shipping spool. It shall work normally under ambient temperature from -30 to +55 °C,satisfy the demand of land working. It can adapt to the conditional of damp, thunderstorm and blown sand.

The reel shaft is removable. Shafts for wooden and steel shipping spools are equipped with the unit. Operators can choose different reel shaft according to actual working condition.

Hydraulic and Electric System High reliability
The hydraulic system and electric system are designed precisely and well functional positioned, which have experienced real working condition for more than ten years. The hydraulic system and electric system are very reliable and guarantee the equipment in a good working condition.

Humanized design
All removable hydraulic hoses should have identification cards with standard numbers for their connection with corresponding connectors on the bulkhead panel. Remote control console. The unit can be operated from 20 meters away from the yard spooler. There are two operation handles, one is to control the movement of the yard spooler bracket to clamp the reel and the other one is override levelwind to move the tubing leftward and rightward. All quick disconnects should be equipped with dust caps.

Yard spooler DGQ180-102
Detailed parameters



Reducer motor


Override motor

Sauer danfoss__151-7026

Two direction hydraulic lock


Device Description
The structure of Yard spooler is enough strong to bear more longer coiled tubing. Suitable for tubing reel with outer diameter smaller than 180”. Telescopic structure is adopted to ensure make it convenient to install tubing reel with width from 58″ ~102″.
The Yard spooler is a very convenient and valid tool.

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