• DYJ100/35-D Snubbing unit
  • DYJ100/35-D Snubbing unit
  • DYJ100/35-D Snubbing unit
  • DYJ100/35-D Snubbing unit
  • DYJ100/35-D Snubbing unit
  • DYJ100/35-D Snubbing unit
  • DYJ100/35-D Snubbing unit
  • DYJ100/35-D Snubbing unit

DYJ100/35-D Snubbing unit


Rated lifting load225K lbs (1,000 kN)

Rated snubbing load119K lbs (530 kN)

Rated working pressure5,000 PSI (35 MPa)


DYJ100/35-D (225K) snubbing unit is designed and manufactured for high pressure oil / gas wells according to the distribution, well depth and pressure of oil/gas wells in China. The maximum lifting capacity is 1000kN , the maximum snubbing capacity is 530kN and the rated working pressure is 35 MPa, which meets the snubbing operation requirements in most of the high pressure oil / gas wells. It can achieve operations such as running tube string, milling, drilling plugs, fishing, completion operations and stimulation operations matching with fracturing units.

Basic Parameters:



Rated lifting load

225K lbs (1,000 kN)

Rated snubbing load

119K lbs (530 kN)

Rated working pressure

5,000 PSI (35 MPa)

Lifting cylinder stroke

11.5 ft (3.5 m)

Rated torque of rotary table

6,000 lb*ft (8,100 Nm)


7 in (180 mm)

Overall Dimension (L×W×H)

9.5×8.2×22.3 ft (2,900×2,500×6,800 mm)


37.5K lbs (17,000 Kg)


Powerful lifting capacity
Maximum lifting capacity is 1000kN and rated working pressure is 35MPa. The maximum lifting length of 2 7/8” thickened tubing is up to 10000m, meeting the operation requirements of most high pressure oil/gas wells.

High reliability
The key parts are products of world famous brands. The monitoring and protection functions such as pressure monitoring, warning and slip interlock ensure the safety of equipments and personnel.

Wide operation range
The unit is equipped with mast and drive rotary table, which meets the requirements of  operations such as running tube string, milling, drilling plugs, fishing, completion operations and stimulation operations matching with fracturing units.

High electric control degree

The unit is equipped with functions such as real-time monitoring, dynamic display and data acquisition of the slip, BOP and coupling, which reduces the experience requirements of operator, improves work efficiency and ensures safety.

Compact design and light weight
High integration level of the unit ensures that the unit can meet the transportation requirements of complicated road conditions and the installation requirements in small well site. The installation efficiency of the unit is improved by 50% comparing with the similar products, which reduces the operation cost greatly.

Humanized design
The main operator faces the direction of lifting tube, which widens his view and improves operation safety. Only two people are needed to finish the operations such as screwing make-up and break-out of the tubes.

Detailed parameters



Pump Drive

Durst /Funk

Rated lifting load:

225K lbs (1,000 kN)

Rated snubbing load:

119K lbs (530 kN)


7 in (180 mm)

Rated working pressure:

5,000 PSI (35 MPa)

Mast bearing capacity

2.6K lbs (1,200 Kg)

Length of extended mast

52.5 ft (16 m)

Winch lifting capacity

1.3K lbs (600 Kg)

Max. torque of hydraulic rotary table

6,000 lb*ft (8,100 Nm)

Rotary speed of hydraulic rotary table


Weight of main unit

44K lbs (20,000 Kg)

Overall Dimension (L×W×H)

9.5×8.2×22.3 ft (2,900×2,500×6,800 mm)  

Power Pack Weight

31K lbs (14,000 Kg)

Power pack overall dimensions  (L×W×H)

20×8×8.5 ft (6,058×2,438×2,590 mm)

Description of the Power-pack
The Jereh Model-225 Power-Pack has a containerized power-pack designed to operate the Model-225. The container is designed to be self contained and utilized for transport of the power source for the jack assembly as well as supply storage of all spare parts, tools and auxiliary components to support the operation of the Jack unit
The Power-pack drive is a DDC S60 industrial engine. The engine has a Durst drive box coupled to the drive end to supply power for the hydraulic pumps, which are coupled to the drive box.

Description of the main unit
The unit consists of an upper work basket, tubing handling gin pole, jack structure, slip assemblies, lower work platform, Annular Bop,upper single gate BOP, Bleed-off / Equalize system and lowe single gate BOP.

The unit has 4 hydraulic cylinders capable of providing a lift force of 1000kN and 530kN snub force at most. Total stroke length is 3.5 m. Within the unit are four sets of pipe handling slips, two Snubbers and two Heavies. All slips have a through-bore of 180mm.

Upper Work Basket
The upper work basket is the primary work area that the crew uses for running, snubbing and pulling tubing. All operational controls are located here for the operation of the Jack. The operators panel mounted in the top basket is the main focus of activity during tripping operations.Different with other company, Jereh 225-model has a special point that it’s operators panel is set facing the well site that dose good to the operate.

Hydraulic Rotary Table
The hydraulic rotary’ design accord with the requires of drilling, it has a 80 rpm rotation rate, and can also provide a torque at 8100 N.m. The hydraulic rotary allows the rotation of the string in the pipe light or heavy mode. It gives the unit the abipty to set tools requiring rotation while in the pipe pght mode, or to perform drilling / milling operations in pipe heavy mode without the need for a power swivel.

Annular BOP
The annular preventer provides the primary wellbore seal on the outside of the pipe during snubbing. It incorporates a natural rubber element that can conform to any shape including open hole in an emergency situation. The hydraupc system is designed to allow constant pressure during changes in the pipe’s outer diameter, such as collars.

Single gate BOP
The Bops are used in situations where wellbore pressures exceed the safe stripping rating for the annular preventer. The stripping rams provide the operator options for well control and completion.

Equapze / Bleed off Spool C/W Valves
The EQ/BO spool has four flanged ports that allow the mounting of plug valves and choke systems. The spool is mounted within the structure of the unit between the two sets of stripping rams. The purpose of the spool is to allow for the controlled equalizing and bleeding off of pressure in the area between the stripping Bops or the annular preventer. The valves are operated hydraulically from the control panel in the upper workbasket.

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