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Frac Head

Bore Size3- 1/16"~ 7- 1/16"

Working Pressure5,000psi~15,000 psi

Temperature ClassK~U


JEREH casing head, tubing head, hanger, frac head and so on are suitable for casing procedures of different types in high pressure and severe conditions to control wellbore pressure and adjust oil/gas wells.
We can provide customized frac head depending on customer’s requirements.


  • Design and manufacture conform to API spec 6A, and material applied meets NACE MR0175 requirements.
  • It has pressure containing equipment of API 6A end surface joint, installed under the equipment or between 2 equipments. Its role is to separate, convert or provide exit, with 3 or 4 exit connections. 
  • It is the matching device of the hydraulic pressure blowout preventer to control blowout and the main equipment of oil and gas well pressure.
  • Controls wellhead casing pressure, controls standpipe pressure, recovers the pressure control to mud liquid column and controls the over-fall.
  • Reduces wellhead casing pressure and protects the wellhead blowout preventer system through fluid discharge in blow out preventer and pipe preventer.
  • Customized design is available.

Technical Specification

Bore Size

3- 1/16"~ 7- 1/16"

Working Pressure

5,000 psi~15,000 psi

Temperature Class


Material Class






Working Medium

Oil, Natural Gas , Drilling Fluid, Gas (H2S, CO2)

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