• GJQ100-30Ⅱ Skid Mounted Cementing Unit
  • GJQ100-30Ⅱ Skid Mounted Cementing Unit
  • GJQ100-30Ⅱ Skid Mounted Cementing Unit
  • GJQ100-30Ⅱ Skid Mounted Cementing Unit
  • GJQ100-30Ⅱ Skid Mounted Cementing Unit
  • GJQ100-30Ⅱ Skid Mounted Cementing Unit

GJQ100-30Ⅱ Skid Mounted Cementing Unit

ModelGJQ 100-30Ⅱ

Maximum pump pressure97.6 MPa

Maximum pump flow rate3050 L/min

Density1.0~2.6 g/cm³

Maximum mixing Capacity2.3 m³/min

Overall Dimension (L×W×H)8300×2660×3300mm

Weight23000 Kg


Product Brief Introduction:

This skid mounted cementing unit consists of the skid, engine, transmission, triplex plunger pump, centrifugal pump, displacement tank, slurry mixing tank, hydraulic system, lubrication system, high pressure manifold, low pressure manifold, pneumatic system, AMS and instrument control box.
The unit is used for slurry mixing and high pressure pumping of cementing operations. It is also used for mud fill and pumping operation. It is equipped with AMS, centrifugal pump recycling and boosting system, which are ideal for automatic continuous mixing operation. The engine drives the transmission to drive the triplex plunger pump for pumping operation. The unit features compact pipeline design and requires limited amount of water for self-cleaning. It’s very easy to operate the computer of automatic mixing system, set the density and shift between auto and manual control.
This unit is applicable for offshore operation. All supplied parts are suitable of humid, storm and sand ambient environment that varies from -20~+55℃ and it could be used for slurry mixing, cementing, washing and cutting re-injection, replacement operations.

Basic Parameters:


GJQ 100-30Ⅱ

Maximum pump pressure:

97.6 MPa

Maximum pump flow rate:

3050 L/min


1.0~2.6 g/cm³

Maximum mixing Capacity:

2.3 m³/min

Overall Dimension (L×W×H):



23000 Kg


High control accuracy
Visualized operations make it easy to control and avoid the misoperations. Advanced algorithm can realize automatic control of the fluid level, slurry density and displacement. After setting up the working parameters, the job will be completed with one-key operation, making automatic mixing system more stable and faster.

High reliability
All key parts are famous international brands to guarantee the reliability and durability. The unit is equipped with two sets of overpressure protection system. One is mechanical protection system. When pressure exceeds the set point, safety valve opens and plunger pump depressurizes. The other one is inductive overpressure protection system. The two protection systems improve the safety of both the equipment and the personnel.

Humanized design
The control devices are concentrated on or around the control box. The overall layout of this unit can guarantee the easy and clear observation to the control switches, instruments and other systems for operators.

Wide operation range
This unit is mainly used for mixing and high pressure pumping for oilfield cementing jobs, and it can be also used for slurry displacement, well cleanout and other fluid pumping jobs. This unit is also equipped with automatic mixing system, re-circulating and boosting system which can mix cement slurry automatically and continuously.  

Good stability
Standby design of the mixing water manifold and slurry manifold can guarantee continuous cementing operation when an exception happens.

Mixing system
Patented AMS 2.5 bivariate automatic mixing system is utilized in the unit. The computer operation is easy to learn. It is also very simple to set the density, switch between automatic and manual control. The automatic control system is sensitive and accurate.

High mixing capacity
Advanced secondary mixing technology is adopted. Multiple mixing methods including injection mixing, agitation mixing and re-circulation mixing can accurately control the density of slurry and mix cement slurry continuously, greatly improving the mixing effectiveness and efficiency.

Detailed parameters





Heavy duty skid



DDC S60 391kW(525hp)



Allison 4700 OFS


Plunger Pump

OFM 600 3″
OFM 600 3″ plunger


OFM 600 4.5″
OFM 600 4.5″ plunger







Slurry Mixing Tank

1.6 m³(10 bbl)


Dispalcement Tank

2×2 m³(2×12 bbl)


Electrical system

24 V


Slurry mixing system

AMS 2.5


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