• GJT70-34Ⅱ Trailer Mounted Twin Pump Cementing Cabin
  • GJT70-34Ⅱ Trailer Mounted Twin Pump Cementing Cabin
  • GJT70-34Ⅱ Trailer Mounted Twin Pump Cementing Cabin
  • GJT70-34Ⅱ Trailer Mounted Twin Pump Cementing Cabin
  • GJT70-34Ⅱ Trailer Mounted Twin Pump Cementing Cabin
  • GJT70-34Ⅱ Trailer Mounted Twin Pump Cementing Cabin
  • GJT70-34Ⅱ Trailer Mounted Twin Pump Cementing Cabin
  • GJT70-34Ⅱ Trailer Mounted Twin Pump Cementing Cabin

GJT70-34Ⅱ Trailer Mounted Twin Pump Cementing Cabin

ModelGJT 70-34Ⅱ

Maximum pump pressure71.7 MPa

Maximum pump flow rate3380 L/min

Density1.0~2.6 g/cm³

Maximum mixing Capacity2.3 m³/min

Overall Dimension (L×W×H)13000×2600×4100mm

Weight34500 Kg


This Trailer Mounted Cementing Unit consists of the truck, Cabin, engine, transmission, triplex plunger pump, centrifugal pump, displacement tank, slurry mixing tank, hydraulic system, lubrication system, high pressure manifold, low pressure manifold, pneumatic system, AMS and instrument control box.

The unit is used for slurry mixing and high pressure pumping of cementing operations. It is also used for mud fill and pumping operation. It is equipped with AMS, centrifugal pump recycling and boosting system, which are ideal for automatic continuous mixing operation. The engine drives the transmission to drive the triplex plunger pump for pumping operation. The unit features compact pipeline design and requires limited amount of water for self-cleaning. It’s very easy to operate the computer of automatic mixing system.

This unit is applicable for onshore cementing operation. All supplied parts are suitable of humid, storm and sand ambient environment that varies from -40~+50℃  and it could be used for slurry mixing, cementing, washing and cutting re-injection, replacement operations

Basic Parameters:


GJT 70-34Ⅱ

Maximum pump pressure

71.7 MPa

Maximum pump flow rate

3380 L/min


1.0~2.6 g/cm³

Maximum mixing Capacity

2.3 m³/min

Overall Dimension (L×W×H)



34500 Kg


1. Electrical Control System

  • Self-developed newest IAMS 3.0 double variant automatic mixing system is adopted for this unit. Under the basis of density and fluid level automatic control, it can realize displacement automatic adjustment by automatic throttle servo system and gear position automatic control system. This system will make operators get rid of complicated procedures, reduce human errors and increase the intelligent degree of the unit.
  • Dual-screen and dual-control mode. One screen displays manifold principle to show the working condition of mixing and pumping system. The other one displays the working parameters of power system. Displayed contents on these two screens can be switched freely and spare to each other. 
  • Core part, high energy mixer, is electrically controlled. The water throttle valve and cement throttle valve are driven by electric motor directly. Compared with traditional hydraulic control, electrical control is more precise and avoids the problem that hydraulic system reacts slowly in the low-temperature environment.

2. Hydraulic System
CAT C9 independent hydraulic power system keeps the system working stably. Every hydraulic actuators of the slurry mixing system is driven by this power unit. Compared with traditional trailer mounted cementing unit, it can eliminate the influence on the system when shifting, thereby increasing the stability of the mixing system.

3. Mechanical System

  • Combining cementing unit with heavy-duty square-cabin, this is the extending of “COMBO” design concept. Based on early low-temperature cementing unit, we add the cabin. All cementing process can be down in the cabin.
  • According to military heavy-duty square-cabin standards, the cabin consists of skeleton, aluminum cover and polyurethane foam insulation layer. Deck equipments are installed inside. Another control cabin is installed inside as the operation area to upgrade the safety and comfort of operation. This unit is a better choice for harsh low-temperature places like North America and Russia.
  • This unit adopts heat cycle design. In winter, close the cabin doors and take use of the engine’s suction-type radiator to heat the interior of cabin. Thereby during the working, the equipments inside are always kept warm. Test data shows that under -2 ℃(+28.4 ℉)ambient temperature and without air-condition, the internal temperature can rise to +25 ℃(+77 ℉)in half an hour after starting work.
  • This unit adopts denoise design. Mute shutters for engine cabin, deadener filler for bulkhead, internal control cabin can further reduce the noise. 
  • Equipped with three fuel heaters to warm up the battery, hydraulic oil, lube oil, engine oil etc. to guarantee good performance of low temperature starting.

Detailed parameters





Triaxial low frame



DDC S60 391kW(525hp)


CAT C9 300hp



Allison 4700 OFS


Plunger Pump

JEREH 600S 3.5″ plunger


JEREH 600S 4.5″ plunger







Slurry Mixing Tank

1.6 m³(10 bbl)


Dispalcement Tank

2×2 m³(2×12 bbl)



Heat-preserving, Heavy-duty Cabin


Electrical system

24 V


Slurry mixing system

IAMS 3.0


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