• GRIFCO-5000 Logging Platform System
  • GRIFCO-5000 Logging Platform System

GRIFCO-5000 Logging Platform System

Max temperature350°F/177℃, 2h

Max pressure20,305Psi /140Mpa

Tool OD3.5”/φ89mm

Telemetering speed530kbps

Logging Speed43.7ft/min /800m/h

Power Supply180±10VAC,50±2Hz


GRIFCO-5000 Logging Platform System
 System Description
The system includes surface data acquisition system and downhole tool string, which integrates conventional well logging tools and some imaging logging tools such as array acoustic, array induction and Micro-Resistivity Imaging tools. The system can provide complete solutions for logging task of exploratory wells and development wells.

Data transmission speed can reach 530Kbps, both conventional logging tools and some imaging logging tools can be connected;
All signal is digitalized down the hole, all conventional logging items can be got in one combination logging.
CAN bus is adopted, tools can be combined flexibly, and logging operation can be done in different areas;
Downhole tool string is shorter and logging is safer.

Technical specifications:
Max temperature:     350°F/177℃, 2h;
Max pressure:        20,305Psi /140Mpa;
Tool OD:             3.5”/φ89mm
Telemetering speed:   530kbps
Logging Speed:       43.7ft/min /800m/h
Power Supply:       180±10VAC,50±2Hz

System Composition:
Resistivity tools
Dual Laterolog
Dual Induction 8-Leterolog
Micro Spherical Focused Log(MSFL)
Array Induction
Micro-Resistivity Imaging Tool
Radioactivity tools
Gamma Ray
Spectral Gamma Ray
Spectral Density/Compensated Density
Compensated Neutron
Acoustic tools
Digital Acoustic
Cement Bond Log-CBL
Multi-pole Array Acoustic Tool
Cement Radial Bond Tool
Well Temp, Tension, Mud resistivity
Four-Arm Caliper
Six-Arm DIP MeterInquire Now

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