• GYQ2-08 Skid Mounted Pumping Unit
  • GYQ2-08 Skid Mounted Pumping Unit
  • GYQ2-08 Skid Mounted Pumping Unit
  • GYQ2-08 Skid Mounted Pumping Unit
  • GYQ2-08 Skid Mounted Pumping Unit
  • GYQ2-08 Skid Mounted Pumping Unit
  • GYQ2-08 Skid Mounted Pumping Unit
  • GYQ2-08 Skid Mounted Pumping Unit

GYQ2-08 Skid Mounted Pumping Unit

EngineCAT C9

Mixing Tank Capacity8 m³

Max. Pump Discharge Pressure0.32 MPa

Max. Pump Displacement3.18 m³/min



This unit mainly consists of the base skid, engine, pump drive, centrifugal pump, batch mixing tanks, hydraulic system, lubrication system, water manifold, acid manifold, pneumatic system and instrument control box.

During operations, the chemical additives in throttling hopper get mixed with the water pumped by the recirculating centrifugal pump inside the injection mixer. Acid needs further mixing will be mixed inside the batch mixing tanks.

This unit can achieve such operations as one mixing tank mixes acid while the other one supplies acid; it can achieve continuous batch acid mixing. This function can meet oilfield operations which need great volume of acid for one time. The two mixing tanks can also mix acid simultaneously first and then boost the acid to the plunger pump.

The hydraulic system uses two closed-loop systems to drive two centrifugal pumps and two open-loop systems to drive two agitators.


This unit is applicable for onshore operations. All supplied parts are suitable for humid, storm and sand ambient environments that vary from -10~+55℃. This unit is especially applicable for operation with critical requirements of the acid fluid. 

Overall Dimensions


8,000 mm


2,500 mm


3,150 mm


Unit Weight

13,500 kg

Total Weight

13,500 kg


Deck Engine



Rotary Speed

2,200 rpm


300 hp

Acid Fluid


8 m³

Max. Pump Discharge Pressure

0.32 MPa

Max. Pump Displacement

3.18 m³/min



This unit is equipped with two recircualting centrifugal pumps which pump the acid to the injection mixer after the acid passes through the pump discharge port and recirculating manifold. The pumped acid will get mixed with the chemical additives and water in the injection mixer and then flows back to the mixing tanks.

The recirculating process and secondary mixing guarantee the acid density. Two mixing tanks are designed on this unit, and the effective capacity of each tank is 8m3. Each tank is equipped with one high-power agitator for the even mixing, which could get the acid meet various kinds of oilfield operations.


This unit can achieve batch mixing and continuous mixing. The standby design of the two recirculating pumps makes it possible for either pump to perform the acid recirculation and boosting when one pump fails, ensuring the normal work of the unit.


All the key parts use the world famous brands. The materials of the parts, such as mixing tanks, agitators and manifold, that directly contact acid adopt stainless steel, which can extend the service life of the unit and ensure the unit can meet the harsh working environments.


Mounted on the operation platform, the instrument box is the carrier of the operation and control system. Most of the valves and instruments used for unit operation are concentrated on the control panel of the instrument box, which makes it convenient for operators to observe hydraulic system pressure, pneumatic system pressure and fuel level, etc. It is available to achieve the acid mixing by controlling the valves installed on the panel. Lights are installed on such important locations as tank roof, operation platform, which allows operators to observe liquid level and unit running status at night.

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