• GYT2-08 Trailer Mounted Pumping Unit
  • GYT2-08 Trailer Mounted Pumping Unit
  • GYT2-08 Trailer Mounted Pumping Unit
  • GYT2-08 Trailer Mounted Pumping Unit
  • GYT2-08 Trailer Mounted Pumping Unit
  • GYT2-08 Trailer Mounted Pumping Unit
  • GYT2-08 Trailer Mounted Pumping Unit
  • GYT2-08 Trailer Mounted Pumping Unit

GYT2-08 Trailer Mounted Pumping Unit


This unit mainly consists of the trailer, engine, pump drive, centrifugal pumps, batch mixing tanks, hydraulic system, lubrication system, water manifold, acid manifold, pneumatic system and instrument control box. It features reasonable layout, compact structure, simple pipeline routing and convenient cleaning with little water.

During operations, the chemical additives from the throttling hopper get mixed with the water pumped by the recirculating centrifugal pump inside the injection mixer. Acid needs further mixing will be mixed inside the batch mixing tanks.
This unit can achieve such operations as one mixing tank mixes acid while the other one supplies acid; it can achieve continuous batch acid mixing. This function can meet oilfield operations which need great volume of acid for one time. The two mixing tanks can also mix acid simultaneously first and then boost the acid to the plunger pump.

The hydraulic system uses two closed-loop system to drive two centrifugal pumps and two open-loop system to drive two agitators.

This unit is applicable for onshore operations. All supplied parts are suitable for humid, storm and sand ambient environments that vary from -10~+55℃. This unit is especially applicable for operations with critical requirements of the acid.

 Main Parameters

Dimensions (L× W× H)


Unit Weight

19850 kg

Total Weight

20000 kg

Deck Engine



Rotary Speed

2200 rpm


300 hp


Mixing Tank Capacity

2X8 m³

Max. Pump Discharge Pressure

0.35 MPa

Max. Pump Displacement



This unit includes two independent mixing systems each of which is based on one mixing tank. Each mixing system has its own recirculating pump, water manifold, acid manifold and throttling hopper. It is available for either system to be used as the other’s standby as in an emergency.

The injection mixing technology gets the additives and water premixed before entering the tanks. The premixed acid will be mixed again by the agitators inside the mixing tanks. The recirculating centrifugal pumps will perform the acid recirculation and secondary mixing by pumping the acid in mixing tanks to pass through the recirculating manifold and then go back to the mixing tanks. Mixing methods includes injection mixer mixing, agitator mixing and recirculation mixing. Acid density can be controlled accurately to perfect the mixing effect and efficiency.

This unit is designed with cleaning manifold for convenient cleaning after work.

The surface preservative treatment process used for offshore equipment is applied in onshore equipment manufacturing, which improves the coating property in acid resistance, alkali resistance, flexibility, glossiness and aging resistance. The equipment surface treatment adopts sandblasting & painting which ensure a beautiful appearance and long service life.

There are two mixing tanks designed for acid batch mixing, and the effective capacity of each tank is 8m3 (50 bbl). Each tank is equipped a liquid level scale which uses both m3 and bbl as the unit. The roof of each tank is closed and is designed with a manhole for convenient maintenance, liquid level observation and cleaning.  

The matching power performance computation of the parts based on their design performance can be achieved, which realizes the combination of equipment working performance, industrial design and ergonomics.

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