• HPGYC100  Truck Mounted Hydration Unit
  • HPGYC100  Truck Mounted Hydration Unit
  • HPGYC100  Truck Mounted Hydration Unit
  • HPGYC100  Truck Mounted Hydration Unit
  • HPGYC100  Truck Mounted Hydration Unit
  • HPGYC100  Truck Mounted Hydration Unit
  • HPGYC100  Truck Mounted Hydration Unit
  • HPGYC100  Truck Mounted Hydration Unit
  • HPGYC100  Truck Mounted Hydration Unit
  • HPGYC100  Truck Mounted Hydration Unit
  • HPGYC100  Truck Mounted Hydration Unit
  • HPGYC100  Truck Mounted Hydration Unit

HPGYC100 Truck Mounted Hydration Unit

Mixing Flowrate1.5-10m³/min

Fluid Concentration0.2-0.7%(Powder-water weight ratio)

Dimensions(L×W×H)≤12500×2590×4200 mm

Weight≤33 t


Brief Introduction:
Considering the domestic road and operation conditions, Jereh has developed the truck mounted dry powder continuous hydration unit with the maximum displacement of 10 m³/min combining with advanced foreign experience. The displacement range is 1.5~10 m³/min and the powder-water weight ratio is 0.2% ~0.7%. It avoids fisheyes. The unit adopts advanced control concept to achieve full-automatic control.

Features (overall unit)
It features large displacement range of 1.5~10 m³/min and the powder-water weight ratio of 0.2% ~0.7%.
High precision of power-water mixing proportion and the powder filling precision is up to ±1%.
It adopts “One-key Startup” to achieve multiple-stage automatic control.

Detailed Advantages:
     It adopts the imported chassis with high configuration. It features good off-road performance and is applicable for oilfields.
     Finite element analysis software is adopted to calibrate the strength of sub-frame, which guarantees the load capacity of the sub-frame.
Power System:
The pump drive is an imported product with good performance and it is applicable for oilfields.
It adopts the design concepts of modularization and standardization to improve the generality and interchangeability of the parts.
Manifold System:
It adopts high-performance injector with patents to achieve perfect mixing of water and powder. Its large dry powder filling amounts but without fisheyes.
The fluid analysis software and 3D pipeline design ensures that the manifold has less pressure loss.
Mixing System:
The mixing tank is specially designed with volume of 16m³ to increase the fluid flow period.
It adopts five high-performance turbine agitators to improve mixing effect.
It is equipped with defoaming system to remove the bubbles inside tank automatically without adding defoamer.

Dry Powder Conveying System:
The high-precision screw conveyor with mixing function cooperates with the imported electronic scale to achieve precise dry powder filling.
The dry powder conveyor improves measuring accuracy by adopting high-precision encoder instead of traditional teeth calculation.
It is equipped with an enclosed double-bin dry powder tank with volume of 5m³. Based on the power-water weight ratio of 0.35%, fluid of 1,000m³can be mixed upon one dry powder filling.

Control Cabin:
The control cabin can be lifted, convenient for observing the operations around.
It is designed with all-round windows which ensure sufficient ventilation and sunlight inside.
It adopts military cabin process to guarantee the strength of control cabin and provide a safe and comfortable working environment for the operators.
It adopts special process to guarantee the sound and heat insulation effect.

Hydraulic System:
The hydraulic parts are imported products from famous brand, which ensures stable and reliable performance and long service life.
The liquid additive and the dry additive system adopt load sensitive system which is more energy-saving and environmental-friendly. Stepless speed regulation of all parts can be achieved through proportional control.
The hydraulic oil cooler adopts oil temperature automatic control.
The centrifugal pumps are driven and controlled by the closed-loop hydraulic system, which improves the system stability and reduces the volume of hydraulic oil tank.

Control System:
The control software developed by Jereh independently can meet the custom requirements from different customers.
It features “One-key Startup” and achieves the automatic control of dry powder concentration, chemical additive concentration and fluid level of the mixing system.
It features multiple guarantees through several operation modes such as manual, automatic and HMI operation.
Viscosity measuring function is optional.

Advantages of Liquid Additive System:
It is configured with imported high-quality liquid additive pumps, which decreases the maintenance cost of the user and improves conveying precision.
It adopts the pioneering pneumatic purging method to drain fluid, which avoids the freezing of pump housing and block of pipelines caused by residual fluid.
It adopts encoder instead of proximity switch to calculate the displacement of liquid additive pumps, which improves the calculation precision and reliability.



Mixing Flowrate


Fluid Concentration

0.2-0.7%(Powder-water weight ratio)


≤12500×2590×4200 mm(L×W×H)


≤33 t


BENZ 4144 8*6

Pump Drive

OMSI or Equivalent imported brands

Suction Centrifugal Pump


Discharge Centrifugal Pump

10*10*11 3/4”

High Energy Mixer

rotational flow pre-mixing and high pressure injection, two.

Mixing Tank

16m³, tank with “first come, first go” design, 5 turbine agitators; it can mix the gel and water.

Dry Powder Tank

5 m³, equipped with two screw augers

Chemical Additive Pump (quantity and model are optional)




060, 300L/min

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