• HSC12 Truck Mounted Sand Blender
  • HSC12 Truck Mounted Sand Blender
  • HSC12 Truck Mounted Sand Blender
  • HSC12 Truck Mounted Sand Blender
  • HSC12 Truck Mounted Sand Blender
  • HSC12 Truck Mounted Sand Blender
  • HSC12 Truck Mounted Sand Blender
  • HSC12 Truck Mounted Sand Blender
  • HSC12 Truck Mounted Sand Blender
  • HSC12 Truck Mounted Sand Blender

HSC12 Truck Mounted Sand Blender


Max. Water Displacement12 m³/min

Max. Discharge Pressure0.55 MPa

Max. Sand Conveying Capacity7,200 kg/min


Jereh HSC12 truck mounted sand blender is developed according to the demand of small displacement sand blender in domestic oil& gas fields fracturing operations. The overall unit is equipped with the power system, control system, blending system, manifold system, auger system and chemical additive system. It can achieve the precise blending of proppant and sand carrier in definite proportion and automatic filling of chemicals, convenient and reliable.

Basic Parameters:



Max. Water Displacement:

12 m³/min

Max. Discharge Pressure:

0.55 MPa

Max. Sand Conveying Capacity:

7,200 kg/min

Blending Tub Capacity:

1.5 m³

Overall Dimensions (L×W×H):



26,000 Kg


More Convenient

Jereh HSC12 truck mounted sand blender is equipped with augers which can be lifted and splited freely, more convenient for transportation and operations.

More Reliable

The key parts are products of domestic or abroad famous brands and the main framework is made of high-quality steel, which meets the working conditions in oil& gas fields and ensures stable and reliable performance.


The additive system can be equipped according to the specific requirements of customers.

High Automation

Operation and control system developed by Jereh independently achieves the automatic feeding of proppant, sand carrier and chemicals, which reduces the requirements to the experience of operators.
Model HSC12 Truck Mounted Sand Blender

Detailed Parameters





 Beiben 3134





Pump Drive

FUNK or DURST, etc.


Centrifugal Pump

10×8×14 Suction Centrifugal Pump


10×8×14 Discharge Centrifugal Pump


Sand Blending Tub



Sand Conveying System



Hydraulic System


Pneumatic System


Instrument Control System


Equipment Description


The unit adopts Benbei ND23100G47J 8×4 truck chassis and Weichai WPI12.375E40 engine, which meets the GB IV emission standard. It features load capacity of 31t and rated power of 276KW. The widened and extended cab equipped has a single sleeper, air conditioner and shock adsorbing seat, which is applicable for the oilfields.

Power System

The power source of the unit is the DDC S60 engine. The unit drives the hydraulic system through pump drive so as to provide hydraulic power for the blending system, additive system and manifold valve system.

 Blending System

The blending system mainly includes the blending tub, turbine agitator and level detector. The blending system adopts compound agitating method to ensure average mixing effect. The system is equipped with level meter to detect the liquid level in real time. The suction flowrate can be controlled through manual/automatic mode.

Additive System

The unit is equipped with dry powder additive system and liquid additive system.

The dry powder additive system hydraulically driven is equipped with the feeding hopper and injecting device, which guarantees the mixing quality of dry powder additives. The filling proportion of dry powder can be controlled manually or automatically inside the control cabin.

The standard configuration of liquid additive system consists of four liquid additive pumps and two 300L liquid tanks with scale.

Low Pressure Manifold System

The suction and discharge manifold of the unit are designed as interchangeable suction/discharge function to achieve the interchange of the manifold interfaces at both sides through the control form butterfly valves. Besides, the fluid conveyed by the suction pump can be discharged from the discharge manifold directly through selecting manifold process, which meets the requirements of short-time acidizing operations.

Operation and Control System

The sand blender can be controlled manually or automatically through the control console. The manual/automatic control modes can be shifted according to the working conditions. The automatic control module inside the data van connected with the sand blender through cable can monitor the running parameters of the sand blender.

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