• HTT10 Trailer Mounted Chemical Additive Unit
  • HTT10 Trailer Mounted Chemical Additive Unit
  • HTT10 Trailer Mounted Chemical Additive Unit
  • HTT10 Trailer Mounted Chemical Additive Unit
  • HTT10 Trailer Mounted Chemical Additive Unit
  • HTT10 Trailer Mounted Chemical Additive Unit

HTT10 Trailer Mounted Chemical Additive Unit

Max. Displacement154 gpm (583 L/min) (total)

Max. Discharge Pressure200 psi (1.4 MPa)

Dimensions(L×W×H)≤44.6×8.5×13.5 ft (13,600×2,590×4,100 mm)

Weight37,470 lb(17,000 kg)


Considering of the requirements of shale gas fracturing in North America, Jereh has developed model HTT10 trailer mounted chemical additive unit combining with advanced foreign experience. The unit adopts advanced control concept to achieve full-automatic control.

Features (Overall Unit)

The unit meets the complex process requirements of adding multiple chemical additives in fracturing operations.

The chemical additive tanks are made of polyethylene, which reduces the weight of the overall unit.
The maximum discharge pressure is 200 psi (1.4 MPa) and it achieves the continuous fluid supply for the sand blender and batch mixer.

The unit achieves multiple-stage automatic control.

The unit meets the requirements of DOT certificate.

Detailed Advantages:


The unit adopts bi-axle low framework trailer which has good off-road performance and is applicable for oilfields.


Finite element analysis software is adopted to calibrate the strength of sub-frame, which guarantees the load capacity of the sub-frame.

Power System:The engine is an imported product with good performance and it is applicable for oilfields.

It adopts the design concepts of modularization and standardization to improve the generality and interchangeability of the parts.

Manifold System:

The chemical additive pumps adopt volumetric PD pump with high conveying accuracy, stable flowrate and no pulse.

The mass flowmeter is installed in the discharge pipeline of chemical additive pumps, which ensures the conveying accuracy of chemical additives.

The overall unit is equipped with cleaning manifold and cleaning pumps, which prevents the corrosion of the pumps and parts caused by acid.

Control Cabin:

Open control console, convenient for observing the operations around.

Hydraulic System:

The hydraulic parts are imported products from famous brand, which ensures stable and reliable performance and long service life.

The liquid additive and the dry additive system adopt load sensitive system which is more energy-saving and environmental-friendly. Stepless speed regulation of all parts can be achieved through proportional control.
The hydraulic oil cooler adopts oil temperature automatic control.

Control System:

The control software developed by Jereh independently can meet the custom requirements from different customers.

It features multiple guarantees through several operation modes such as manual, automatic and HMI operation.




Max. Displacement

154 gpm (583 L/min) (total)

Max. Discharge Pressure

200 psi (1.4 MPa)


≤44.6×8.5×13.5 ft (13,600×2,590×4,100 mm)


37,470 lb(17,000 kg)


Bi-axle Low Framework Trailer



Pump Drive


Chemical Additive Pump

Rotor Pump, 10

Fluid Supply Pump

Gear Pump, 10


Mass Flow meter

Chemical Additive Tank

330 gal (1.2 m³) each, 10

Cleaning Tank

330 gal (1.2 m³) each, 2

Cleaning Pump

Gear Pump, 2

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