• Impermeable Fluid Loss Control Agent FL (11L/12S)
  • Impermeable Fluid Loss Control Agent FL (11L/12S)

Impermeable Fluid Loss Control Agent FL (11L/12S)


AppearanceColorless liquid


FL (11L/12S) fluid loss control agent is a new type of cross linked polymer. It attaches to cement particle surface through heavy polymer, and forms cross linked network in the cement slurry. When there is certain pressure difference between cement slurry and the formation, it forms tight high molecular membrane at the contact to make sure cement slurry has low filtration rate. This product has good fluid loss control ability and API fluid loss rate is less than 50ml. It has good flow-ability, easily pumping, good thickening property, stable initial thickness, fast thickening transitional time, high stability. It does not separate or settle down, and has no retarding function or unfavorable impact on strength development of set cement.

Physical and Chemical Data



Residue through a
40-mesh screen (%)

Density (g/cm3)

PH value

Freezing point (℃)


Colorless liquid



0 or -10


White solids



Application Scope
FL11L is applied to temperature range of 27-120℃(BHCT), and the addition is normally 5.0-7.0%(BWOC), only prepared with water. FL12S is applied to temperature range of 27-100℃(BHCT),and the addition is normally 1.5-2.0% (BWOC), only dry blended.
FL is applied to fresh water and low mineralized water.
FL12S is packaged with 25Kg kraft paper bag. FL11L is packaged in 25Kg plastic barrel or packaged as per user’s requirement.
Storing and Using
FL should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry warehouse to prevent from sunshine and rain. Environmental temperature should be 0-35℃.
FL11L can be supplied with anti-freezing type as per user’s requirement.
Quality guarantee period for FL12S is 24 months and 12 months for FL11L. The products should be re-tested after these periods.
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