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LWD is widely used in the exploration and development of oil and gas. The key technology is signal transmission. Currently, the common ways of signal transmitting are pressure pulse of drilling fluid and electromagnetic wave. The way of drilling fluid pressure pulse is low in cost and convenient, but low transmission rate. The way of electromagnetic wave has a high transmission rate and can not be influenced by the drilling fluid, and can save data down hole reliably.

Insulating joint is the key technology of transmitting loging signal through electromagnetic wave. It be connected between the non-magnetic drilling collar and drilling pipe. It has two parts, the upper and the lower, which screw together, and can stand drilling torque. One part is insulated from another.
Insulating joint has always been imported from abroad. We have been blockaded on the relevant technology. After a lot of professional research and adopting special material, special technology, elaboration, we developed homemade insulating joint. Its features are as follows:
Work normally in the temperature range of 80℃ to 120℃
High resistivity,higher than 2MΩ
The torque transferred matches with drilling pipes
Some technical parameters can be customized according to customer’s requests, such as overall dimensions、connection of both ends,and so on

Technical :
Specification  Overall dimension Max torque Resistivity
mm×mm×mm in × in × in kN·m lb·ft ≥2 MΩ / 100 V
63-83 Ф83×Ф29×725 Ф3 - 1/16″ ×Ф1″× 28 - 1/2 4 2.952
127 Ф127×Ф57×955 5″ × Ф2″ × 37 - 1/2 15 11.07
172 Ф172×Ф80×970 Ф6 - 3/4″ × Ф3″ ×38″ 30 22.14
203 Ф203×Ф80×985 Ф8″ × Ф3″ × 38 - 3/4 55 40.59
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