• J&N 13 5/8
  • J&N 13 5/8

J&N 13 5/8"-5K Dual Ram BOP

Rated Pressure5,000 psi(34.5MPa)

Nominal Size13 5/8"(346mm)

Temperature Range-20℉~250℉ (-29℃~121℃)

Top & Bottom Connection6BX 13 5/8"-5K BX160 open flange

Providing Repair Kit for Dual Ram BOP


13 5/8"-5K Dual Ram BOP serves as an important well control unit against overflow of oil, gas, water and blowout during drilling, well workover and testing to ensure safe operation and prevent environmental pollution, suitable for drilling, under-balanced drilling, downhole operation and snubbing. It can effectively shut well and seal off annular pressure with drilling pipe still in the well. Hydraulically driven and manual lock capability ensure quick response, remote control and safe operation. The designed hydraulic system facilitates quick and easy maintenance operation without removing hydraulic cylinder from the BOP, suitable for high-pressure wellhead control and H2S service.


  • Dual ram design, compact size, 
  • Enable to shut well and seal off annular space
  • The side outlet is designed for special operations such as slurry circulation, blowout, well killing and well flush.
  • Standard upper and lower flange connections
  • Pipe rams are replaceable depending on drilling pipe of various sizes.
  • Hydraulic remote control and quick response
  • Auxiliary hydraulic system facilitates fast and easy ram replacement.
  • The manual lock can mechanically lock the BOP after the ram close. 

Main Specifications
Rated Pressure

5,000 psi (34.5 MPa)

Nominal Size

13 5/8" (346 mm)

Temperature Range

-20℉~250℉ (-29℃~121℃)

Top & Bottom Connection

6BX 13 5/8"-5K BX160 open flange

Side Outlet Connection

6B 4 1/16"-5K R39 studded flange

Rated Hydraulic Pressure

3,000 psi (20.7 MPa)

Recommended Hydraulic Pressure

1,200~1,500 psi (8.3 MPa ~10.5 MPa)

Blind Ram Close & Open Hydraulic Volume (per set)

1,952 in³ (32 L)

Pipe Ram Close & Open Hydraulic Volume (per set)

1,952 in³ (32 L)

Hydraulic Fitting


Drilling Pipe Size

2 3/8"~9 5/8" (60mm~244 mm)


H2S (EE-0.5)


20,163lbs (9,150kg)

Overall Dimensions

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