• J&N 4 1/16
  • J&N 4 1/16

J&N 4 1/16"-10K Side Door Stripper Packer

Rated Pressure10,000 psi

Nominal Size4-1/16"

Temperature Range-20℉~250℉ (-29℃~121℃)


Providing Repair Kit for Stripper Packer


The J&N Stripper Packer is designed to pack-off on coiled tubing as it is stripped in and out of the well. The over/under and dual side door models provide two independently hydraulically actuated packers respectively. The unique design allows the operator to use one packer while the other is kept as spare. When the first packer fails, the second packer is available. This function effectively doubles the time between packer changes. Packer change is easy and available when the coiled tubing is still in the well.

We can provide customized stripper packer depending on customer's requirements.



  • Flange and union connections are available to choose.
  • Packer change is easy.
  • Improved packer design extends its service life.
  • Separate-type bushing is easy to disassemble.
  • Key parts are handled to be abrasion and corrosion resistant.
  • Configurations are available in Side Door, Over/Under and Dual Side Door.


Technical Parameter


4 1/16"-10K Side Door Stripper Packer

Rated Pressure

10,000 psi

Main Bore

4 1/16”

Temperature Range

T-20:-20℉ to 250℉ (-29℃~121℃)

T-75:-50℉ to 250℉ (-46℃~121℃)

Top Connection

8×1 1/4"-7UNC threaded hole, Φ1.625"  (41.3mm)counterbore, 1.06" (26.9mm)deep, Φ13" (330.2mm)standard pitch circle dia.

Bottom Connection

CB44 male union

Hydraulic Volume to Pack-off Piston

553 in3 (9.1 L)

Hydraulic Volume to Retract Piston

154 in3 (2.5 L)

Hydraulic Fitting

Open side: 1/2”NPT, close side 1/4”NPT

Tubing Size

1"~2 7/8"


H2S (EE-0.5)

Max. Hydraulic Pressure

5,000 psi


950lbs (431kg)




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