• J&N 4 1/16
  • J&N 4 1/16

J&N 4 1/16"-15K Combi BOP

Rated Pressure15,000 psi

Nominal Size4-1/16"

Temperature Range-20℉~250℉ (-29℃~121℃)

ServiceH2S (EE-0.5)

Providing Repair Kit for Combi BOP


During coiled tubing operations, combi BOP can be equipped with quad BOP to protect against blowout. The combi rams can realize pipe seal, pipe cut, pipe clamping and complete well seal which is suitable for high-pressure wellhead control and H2S service.
Ram open and close are controlled hydraulically with quick response and remote control. The manual lock capability ensures reliable BOP shutoff.  The designed hydraulic system facilitates quick and easy ram change without having to remove the hydraulic cylinder from the BOP. Besides combining functions of conventional quad BOP, the combi BOP features compact structure, light weight, high efficiency and low maintenance cost.
We can provide customized combi BOP depending on customer's requirements.


  • Compact structure and light weight with combi ram;
  • Bonnet bolt low torque;
  • Equalizing valve;
  • Ram position indicators;
  • Internally ported hydraulic oil line, reducing the risk of environmental pollution;
  • Side outlet connection for throttling and well killing;
  • Available with standard flanges at the top and bottom for quick union connection;
  • Rams suitable for coiled tubing of various sizes;
  • Hydraulic control with hydraulic pressure of 3,000psi;
  • Manual lock stem to mechanically lock the ram;
  • Manual lock overrides in case of hydraulic failure.


Technical Parameter

Combi BOP

4 1/16"-15K

Rated Pressure

15,000 psi

Main Bore

4 1/16"

Side Outlet Bore

2 1/16"

Temperature Range

-20℉~250℉ (-29℃~121℃)

Top Connection

6BX 4 1/16"-15K BX155 studded flange

Bottom Connection

6BX 4 1/16"-15K BX155 Open flange

Side Connection

6BX 2 1/16"-15K BX152 studded flange×FIG2"1502 female union

Max. Hydraulic Pressure

3,000 psi

Shear Seal Actuator Closing Volume (per set)

427in3 (7 L)

Shear Seal Actuator Open Volume (per set)

427in3 (7 L)

Pipe Slip Actuator Closing Volume (per set)

122in3 (2 L)

Pipe Slip Actuator Open Volume (per set)

122in3 (2 L)

Hydraulic Fitting

NPT 3/8

Tubing Size

1"~2 3/8"




2,532 lbs

1,147 kg




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