• JR12V4S81A Heat Exchanger
  • JR12V4S81A Heat Exchanger

JR12V4S81A Heat Exchanger


Heat Exchanger Presentation
Equipment 2000 type of fracturing
Model JR12V4S81A Heat Exchanger
Heat Rejection Module High temperature radiator/ Low temperature Radiator/ Torque Oil Cooler/ Hydraulic Oil Cooler/ Luricating Oil Cooler/ Fuel Oil Cooler
Engine MTU 12V4000S81A 2250HP
External Size 120.5"x96"x59.3" (3,060x2,438x1,507 mm)
Performance With High Efficency of Heat Transfer.
Compact structure, surface area can be 1000~2500m/m because of expansion of plate-fin heat exchanger with the quadratic surface.
Well adapted, Plate-fin heat exchanger can be applied to: gas - gas, gas-liquid and liquid-liquid.
Pressure Strength Resistant Capability is high.(Max 4.0Mpa)
Low temperature resistant capability is strong(Ambient Tem.-65°C)
Fin lodging resistance capability is strong, easy to maintain, flush.

Install and Maintenance instruction


Be careful when lifting off, forbidden knock against.

To fix the heat exchanger on the base by installed hole, are not allowed to shake.

To guarantee fan installation and fan cover to be concentric, pay attention to suction and blowing.

Motor wiring in accordance with motor manual, pay attention to motor veer.

Tube connected to the system may not be misplaced, twisted, no to be leakage.

Not allowed to have obstruction in front and back of heat exchanger.

Conduct trial operation, to check leak or not, to check fan and cover breakage or not, to check scraping or not, to check wind direction correct or not, to check motor normal or not.

Internal medium in heat exchanger should be kept clean, no granular, floc impurities.

Outside air of heat exchanger should be maintained no weeds, batting, dust, particles, to avoid blocking.

During running, if appear much noise and resonance phenomenon, stop immediately and check.

Regularly check internal medium quality of heat exchanger, if there is particles, floc matter etc, need exchange in time.

Regularly check outside channel of heat exchanger, if there is any jam, need high pressure air purge.

If heat transfer performance fall largely, please stop and check.

The vibration of equipment during the operation may cause connection bolt loose. Therefore, the connection position should be checked every three months.

The equipment must be operated under design pressure, overpressure operation is forbidden.

Failure Reason Elimination Method
Cooling decline Fan stop rotating Check motor and fan cover
The air side channel blocked High pressure air purge
Inner  channel  blocked Stop and clean
Fan abnormal sound Shaft sleeve loosen Hammer shaft sleeve
Bolt loosen Tighten the bolt
Fixed bolt of motor loosen Tighten the bolt
Pressure increase of inlet and outlet Inner Channel blocked Stop  and  clean
Thermostat  failure Exchange  thermostat
The fan stop running Motor stop running Check  motor
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