• LGQ360B Skid Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit
  • LGQ360B Skid Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit
  • LGQ360B Skid Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit
  • LGQ360B Skid Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit

LGQ360B Skid Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit


Injector continuous lifting capacity:80,000 lb (36 t)

maximum working pressure of high pressure manifold:10,000 psi (69 MPa)

maximum working pressure of stripper10,000 psi (69 MPa)

maximum working pressure of BOP 10,000 psi (69 MPa)

Working temperature -40~+113 ℉ (-40~+45 ℃)

Working conditonLand and ocean environment


LGQ360 Coiled tubing explosion proof skid unit is a specially designed and manufactured equipment with consideration of domestic distribution of oil and gas wells,well depth, pressure etc.. According to the different customer needs, we offer several customized designs.
LGQ360 Coiled tubing explosion proof skid unit consists of power pack assembly, control cabin assembly, tubing reel assembly, injector assembly.According to different operation requirements, The coiled tubing skid unit can be applied on land or ocean platform.


High reliability of jereh equipment

The whole unit is designed according to scientific calculation. The structure of each assembly is scientifically calculated to ensure that unit is more reasonable and reliable.

The operation range

The Jereh Coiled tubing explosion proof skid unit can be applied on land or ocean platform. The equipment can also be working in explosion-proof condition.

Being the biggest manufacturer in china, Jereh has 10 years experience in designing and manufacturing coiled tubing unit. According to the different customer needs , Jereh can offer several customized designs for selection.

The whole set of special down-hole tools are self-developed by Jereh, and Jereh can provide whole series of supporting well control equipment.  

Jereh has a fighting and enterprising after-sales service team, wholeheartedly maintaining Jereh’s equipment.  

With humanization design Jereh equipment is easily operated.

Detailed parameters

Component Specification
Engine C15
Pump drive Stiebel
explosion proof PYROBAN
BOP 4.06"-10K
stripper 4.06"-10K
lubricator 4.06"-10K
Control cabin 83×91×87 in (2,100 mm×2,300 mm×2,200 mm)
coiled tubing reel assembly LGGT140-80-70

Description of Unit

Description of the power-pack skid
The model of deck engine is CAT C15, which supplies power for the whole unit. The pump drive is selected according to the need of power and rotation speed of injector pump, coiled tubing reel pump, and auxiliary pump. The power pack is designed scientifically and compactly to make sure that the equipment is maintained easily when needed.

Description of engine

The rated power is 400 kW (536 hp), maximum rotate speed is 2,000 rpm, water-cooling, supercharged, ataac.

Description of pump drive

The Input power is 700 kW (939 hp), single pump power is 360 kW (483 hp), maximum torque of single pump is 1,900 Nm, maximum input rotate speed is 2,800 rpm, Approximate weight is 440 lb (200 kg), transmission ratio is 1.0217:1.



Max. Input Power

700 kW (939 hp)

Max. Power

360 kW (483 hp) (single port)



Max. Input Speed

2,800 rpm


Three-port Output

Coiled tubing reel skid

The tubing reel is different according to the different working condition of each well. The main information concerned includes external diameter of tubing, the length of tubing, working pressure, tubing reel driving mode and whether introducing cables through the tubing etc..

Control cabin skid

The control cabin adopts hydraulic lifting cylinders to elevate the cabin for wide and clear vision of operators. The lifting cylinder stroke is 35 ft (900 mm). when the cabin is lifted, it can be locked reliably by a mechanical device, which is a humanization design and operated easily.

The cabin provides operators and customers with comfortable and safe working environment. The air-conditioner is installed to ensure the proper ambient temperature for the unit.

Injector skid

The injector assembly consists of the injector, frame, BOP, stripper and lubricator etc.. Well control equipment can be provided according to customers’ requirements. Jereh has the ability with related certificates to independently develop well control equipment, at the same time, Jereh Machining and Manufacturing Co. can manufacture whole sets of well control equipment.

The injector assembly meets DNV certificates, which can be used in extreme climate, wet, oceanic and desert condition. The gripper of injector is processed by a special process. It is very wear-resisting. The replaceable gripper can be used to fit different size of tubing from 1 inch to 3.5 inch (25.4-89 mm).

Hydraulic and Electric System

The hydraulic system and electric system are designed precisely and well functional positioned, which have experienced real working condition for more than ten years. The hydraulic system and electric system are very reliable and guarantee the equipment in a good working condition.

Well Control Equipment

The well control equipment provides a safe working condition. There are different size of BOP, stripper and  lubricatorsuch as 3.06, 4.06 and 5.12, which are used for different size of tube. According to the wellhead pressure, we provide 10,000 psi (69 MPa) or 15,000 psi (100 MPa) well control equipment. The equipment is made by high quality of material and capable of ensuring working safety.

Whole series of self-developed and patented well controll equipment is certified by API Q1&6A. The corrosion protection material is as per NACE MR-0175 standard. The equipment is connected by union to improve installation efficiency. The hydraulic system satisfy the condition that the traction pressure drop of gripper is no more than 200psi after engine shutdown 8 hours in the test.  

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