• LGT630 Intelligent Super Coiled Tubing Unit
  • LGT630 Intelligent Super Coiled Tubing Unit
  • LGT630 Intelligent Super Coiled Tubing Unit
  • LGT630 Intelligent Super Coiled Tubing Unit
  • LGT630 Intelligent Super Coiled Tubing Unit
  • LGT630 Intelligent Super Coiled Tubing Unit

LGT630 Intelligent Super Coiled Tubing Unit


Features and Advantages

Technical highlights and design idea

1. The coiled tubing unit is an equipment that inserts the coiled tubing into the well and it can conduct operations such as drilling, fracturing and acidizing with corresponding tool strings. The coiled tubing unit mainly includes the injector, coiled tubing reel, well control system (including stripper, BOP, lubricator, wellhead cross, etc), power system and control system.

2. This unit is an intelligent and electrically-controlled super coiled tubing unit designed according to the operation requirements in Canada and it complies with the road regulations and is suitable for the well site conditions in Canada.

3. The electric-over-hydraulic control of the unit achieves the electric and intelligent control of the main parts such as injector, well control equipment and reels. There is one set of hydraulic local redundancy system configured at the rear of the unit to ensure the safety and reliability of the unit. The unit achieves the intelligent operations such as automatic tension and traction of the injector, coiled tubing reel follow-up, shutdown upon over-pushing or over-pulling of the injector and the automatic clamping upon tubing slipping to ensure the automation.

4. The LGT630 coiled tubing unit mainly consists of the 140K injector, coiled tubing reel, control cabin, wet kit, trailer and tractor.


1. Compared with the products of both domestic and foreign competitors, our product has optimized the following aspects to improve the overall performance:

2. Hydraulic parts of world famous brand are used as the actuating and control elements to ensure the stability of the unit.

3. The tractor of a famous local brand in Canada is used and its engine can meet the power requirement from the 140K injector. The total weight capacity also meets the requirements in the well sites of Canada.

4. To meet the road regulations in Canada, the unit can be extended with Jeep and Booster to improve the bearing capacity of the unit.

5. The continuous lifting capacity of the 140K injector is 635,000kg (140,000 lb) and the continuous snubbing capacity is 217,500kg (70,000lbs), which ensures the requirements of various operations and the capacity to handle the abnormalities at site.

6. The coiled tubing reel can hold 4500m of 2.875” coiled tubing, which meets the operation requirements of most well sites in Canada.

7. The control of the unit is electric-over-hydraulic control. The dry control cabin is safer and more comfortable. The cambered glass in the front of the control cabin provides a wider view for the operators.

8. All the monitoring instruments are extended to the computers inside the control cabin. The four computers inside the control cabin can work as a standby for each other. It achieves the automatic recording and warning upon abnormalities of all data.

9. The intellectualization of the injector tension, traction, shutdown and warning upon abnormalities and the tubing slipping monitoring reduces the number of operators and the requirements to the skills of the operators. The operators can get on duty after simple training.

10. The unit is equipped with three cameras to monitor the injector, coiled tubing reel and the well site all-around so as to ensure the safety of the operation and the control of the equipment by the operator.

11. All the cables are standard heavy-duty cables designed with stainless steel cable bridges, which is tidy and is convenient for inspection and maintenance.

12. The intelligent control system developed by Jereh independently and the Siemens PLC and high performance computers make the performance more stable and the display more vivid.

13. The unit can be operated through one single handle, which makes the operator feel like driving an automatic-shift car. The injector traction, tension and tubing reel back pressure can be adjusted through the handle.

14. The electric parts of the injector and those at the rear of the trailer are explosion-proof to ensure the safety of the wellhead.
There is long tool box at the rear of the trailer to contain the tool string of the customer, which makes the connection of the tools more convenient.

15. Electrically controlled and intelligent tubing winding makes it easier when changing the tubing. The operator only needs to change the setting of the program simply and the trouble of changing the reel conversion parts is omitted. There is levelwind maintenance ladder designed on the trailer, which is convenient for clearing the tubing counter and maintaining the lead screw.

16. There are maintenance platforms around the coiled tubing reel and the control cabin for convenient maintenance.

17. The control panel is divided into different sections to avoid mis-operations. The panel is covered with non-reflective film to avoid mis-operations caused by lighting.

18. The hidden hydraulic lines of the unit ensures the tidy appearance of the unit.

Main Parameters


Western Star 4900SB


Three-line six-axle trailer

Overall Dimension (L×W×H)

58.7 ft (17,880 mm)×10.5 ft (3,200 mm)×15.7 ft (4,785 mm)


JR-140K with 120” gooseneck

Coiled tubing reel


Coiled tubing reel capacity

2.875”-14,760 ft (4,500 m)

Length of the hose on the hose reel

147.6 ft (45 m)

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