Technical highlights and design idea

  • In the operations with coiled tubing unit around the world, the disadvantages of lifting the injector with a crane are exposed more and more obviously. The crane can only centralize the injector and lubricator to a certain extent. The injector will swing if the downhole pressure fluctuates seriously or the wind load is very big, which increases the risks of operations. That’s why more and more first parties of oilfields prohibit lifting the injector with crane during operations with coiled tubing unit. So, Jereh injector tower is developed to overcome the difficulties.
  • With the design idea of modularization, LGTJ350 injector tower has four skids which can be assembled flexibly according to the actual conditions. The skids are connected through guide pins and threaded fasteners, which shortens the installation time greatly. The strength of the guide pins and threaded fasteners can meet the capacity requirements of lifting the whole tower. When the two wells are very close to each other, the injector tower can be moved by a crane as a whole, so there is no need of disassembly and assembly again, which saves the installation time greatly. Only two hours are needed to install the whole injector tower. 
  • The base skid of the injector tower is liftable, which not only guarantees the economy of transportation but also meets the size requirements of most wellheads in the world.
  • The floor of each skid is designed with rotary cover plate for the lubricator specially. It can allow the maximum flange-connected lubricator of 5.12inch-15000psi move horizontally inside and also ensures the safety of the operators. With the idea of focusing on customer needs, each skid is designed with platform where the maintenance personnel can stand.
  • The hydraulic system lines adopt integrated quick disconnects. The lines are connected with the base skid and lifting skid though integrated quick disconnects, which is simple and convenient. 


  • Compared with the products of both domestic and foreign competitors, our product has optimized the following aspects to improve overall performance:
  • Liftable base skid not only guarantees the economy of transportation but also meets the size requirements of most wellheads in the world.
  • The lifting skid has outer skid frame outside the inner skid frame. It features high loading capacity. It is convenient to maintain the guide rail structures.
  • Hydraulic system is adopted to achieve the vertical and horizontal movement of the injector. The movement stroke is bigger than that of any other similar products in this industry, which will meet the operation requirements of most operations.
  • Three-stage protection: when the injector is put into the specified position, it can be protected through hydraulic cylinder, trapezoidal threads and retaining pins from accidental falling during operations.

Main Parameters

Max. Loading Capacity:77,160 lb (35,000 kg);
Injector Lifting Stroke:1,700 mm 5.6 ft (1,700 mm)
Injector Horizontal Stroke:2.0 ft (600 mm)
Overall Dimensions:9.7x9.7x43.1 ft (2,970x2,970x13,150 mm),Weight:39,160 lb (17,760 kg);
Dimensions of Base Skid:16.4x8.2x10.5 ft (5,000x2,500x3,200 mm),Weight:11,070 lb (5,020 kg)
Dimensions of Middle Skid 1:8.2x8.2x10.5 ft (2,500x2,500x3,200 mm),Weight:5,930 lb (2,690 kg);
Dimensions of Middle Skid 2:8.2x8.2x10.5 ft (2,500x2,500x3,200 mm),Weight:5,730 lb (2,600 kg);
Dimensions of Lifting Skid 1:9.7x9.7x11.6 ft (2,970x2,970x3,550 mm),Weight:16,420 lb(7,450 kg);Inquire Now

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