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Lab Van

Equipments in Proppant AreaCompression testing machine

Equipments in Fracturing Fluid AreaWater bath system

Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)9,300×2,500×4,000 mm


Brief Introduction:

Mainly used for oil/gas well fracturing operations, lab van is the testing equipment of the fracturing fluid and proppant in fracturing stimulation system. It consists of proppant area and fracturing fluid area. The lab van is equipped with compression testing machine, vibrating sieve machine, electric hot-air oven, photoelectric turbidimeter, stereomicroscope, six-speed rotational viscometer, interface tensiometer, rheometer system, centrifuge assembly, precision analytical balance, electric hot-air oven, precise stopwatch and other instruments.

The unit consists of chassis, cabin, cabinets, shock absorption system, power supply system, air conditioning system and control system. Regarding to the geographic conditions of the oil field, we take full consideration of the shock-proof performance, seal property and temperature regulation. This unit is suitable for long-term driving in non-classified road of the oil field.

The unit can be supplied by a 16 kW diesel generator and a 12 kW diesel generator package or an external 220 VAC power source. When there is no external 220 VAC power, start diesel generator to supply the electric system of the unit with power. When there is external power supply, connect the unit to the shore power through the shore power socket.

The electric system of the lab van is equipped with one 16kW AC generator, one 12 kW AC generator and one set of UPS and battery package, which constitutes one advanced vehicle power supply system. This power supply system provides reliable and stable power for the IPCs, monitors and related electrical equipments. The UPS power supply system has the function of supplying power continuously. When the lab van is powered off, the UPS power supply system will still supply power to the key devices to make the analysis system work for at least one hour (The specific time is determined by the devices that the UPS supplies power to).

Basic Parameters:

Equipments in Proppant Area:

Compression testing machine, vibrating sieve machine, electric hot-air oven, photoelectric turbidimeter, stereomicroscope, etc.

Equipments in Fracturing Fluid Area:

Water bath system, waring mixing machine and its speed regulating system, six-speed rotational viscometer, interface tensiometer, rheometer system, centrifuge assembly, precision analytical balance, electric hot-air oven, precise stopwatch, bacteria analyzer, precise acidimeter and ferrous detection machine, etc.

Generator Power

Two, one 12 kW generator and one 16 kW generator

Overall Dimensions (L×W×H):

9,300×2,500×4,000 mm   


 14,000 kg


High-precision: The unit is equipped with auto-balancing hydraulic supporting system to achieve the high precise operations in the oil filed with strong external vibration.

Practicality: The suit is applicable for various equipments that are used during the fracturing operations to meet the actual requirements of different well sites and process.

Stability: The overall unit equipped with strong power supply system, the unit can adopt shore power and power supply from two generators respectively. The 12 kW generator and 16 kW generator supply power for fracturing fluid cabin and proppant cabin respectively, which can meet the requirements of high-power power supply and stability.

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