• Nitrogen Pumper Simulator
  • Nitrogen Pumper Simulator
  • Nitrogen Pumper Simulator
  • Nitrogen Pumper Simulator
  • Nitrogen Pumper Simulator
  • Nitrogen Pumper Simulator

Nitrogen Pumper Simulator

Working Voltage220 V 50 Hz AC

Rated Power1500 W

Working Temperature-20 ℃~50 ℃


The system is for the operators of onshore and offshore nitrogen pumpers to practice operations and to get trained of the various operation processes.
Based strictly on the equipments at site, the system is an simulation, training and practicing platform combining the site bus communication, distributed control and virtual reality technologies.
The system covers the whole training process from teaching, learning, practicing and examination.

System Components
The system includes the main control console, kernel calculation mathematics model, teacher workstation, student workstation, image workstation and sound system.
It is equipped with teacher workstation mode and student workstation mode. The teacher workstation can provide simulation examination for the training and test of the students, and set working parameters and issue emergencies remotely for the students to handle.
3D images, interactive actions, real-time and accurate animations, control console layout reflecting that of the real equipment, vivid environment sound and real-time voice prompts.
Digit-type and instrument-type display to ensure real-time data monitoring.
Systematic and complete training contents in the teacher workstation, flexible configuration of items such as online operation and single unit operation, and intelligent scoring system to ensure fair and justice.
Friendly user interface which is easy to learn and operate, and reliable software with high stability to avoid misoperations causing program failure.
Built-in functions such as common operation failures, warning and tips to help the students learn operating the unit and operation process.
Mathematics model with own intellectual property carries out simulation calculations according to the operation processes and actual running status, which meets the real process requirements.
Industrial PLC control is adopted to ensure stable operation and high reliability.

Functions of Online Operation System
The nitrogen pumper simulation and training system based on the layout of the site equipment simulates the operation and conditions of cementing unit and displays the overall unit and some key parts (wellhead devices, liquid nitrogen tanker and accessories):
For example:
Gas lifting operations
Nitrogen displacement and purging
Acidizing fracturing operations
Foam cementing
Underbalanced drilling
(More simulation development ports for personalized operation processes are reserved.)

Operation and Simulation Functions of A Single Unit

Operation and Data Monitoring of the Main Unit

Engine startup/shutdown, monitoring of coolant temperature and oil pressure, etc.
Plunger Pump Working Status, instantaneous/accumulated displacement, overpressure protection, etc.
Simulation of the external fluid supply and the operation of the liquid nitrogen tank.
Simulation of various operations and display of corresponding simulation results.
Simulation of the coolant system operations and status.
Simulation of the downhole working status.
Simulation of the conversion between liquid nitrogen and nitrogen gas, and the flow status.
Simulation of the operation data curves.

Failure Simulation:
Simulation of the common engine failures.
Electric instrument failures.
Hydraulic system failures.
Liquid nitrogen pump failures.
High/low pressure manifold system failures.
Coolant system failures.
Liquid nitrogen tank (tanker) failures.
Wellhead failures.
The system has built-in failure analysis function. According to Jereh’s years of site operation experience, the operation failures and equipment running failures can be analyzed in real-time to provide corresponding solutions.

Working Voltage: 220 V 50 Hz AC
Rated Power: 1500 W
Working Temperature: -20 ℃~50 ℃
Display Resolution: Single Screen/Multi-screen Visualization 1920*1080, 5400*1920, 3840*1080
Mean Time Between Failures: ≥10000 hours
Overall Dimensions: 2300*1130*1325 mm

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