• Polymer Fluid Loss Control Agent  FS16L/S
  • Polymer Fluid Loss Control Agent  FS16L/S

Polymer Fluid Loss Control Agent FS16L/S


AppearanceGrayLinen powder


FS16L/S fluid loss agent is a novel type of synthetic copolymer liquid. This product has good salt and temperature resistance capability, and effectively controls fluid loss within a large range of temperature and saturated salt water concentration. Thickening time is not sensitive to with salt concentration changes and thickness is stable. Prepared cement slurry has good stability.
FS-16L fluid loss agent can improve set cement microstructure, and enhances set cement flexibility. FS16L/S consists of solid FS16S and liquid FS16L. FS16L/S has certain dispersion

Physical and Chemical Data



Residue through a 40-mesh screen (%)

Density (g/cm3)

PH value

Freezing point (℃)


GrayLinen powder




Colorless liquid



0 or -20

Application Scope
FS16L is applied to temperature range of 25-150℃ (BHCT). FS16S is applied to temperature range of 25-130℃.
Addition of FS16S is normally 1.5-2.0% (BWOC), The addition of FS16L is normally 4.0-7.0% (BWOC). FS16S/L is applied to fresh water, highly mineralized water, seawater, salt water and saturated salt water.
FS16S is applied to dry blend as well as wet blend. FS16L is applied with water.
FS16S is packaged in 25Kg kraft bag. FS16L is packaged in 25Kg plastic barrel or packaged as per customer’s requirement.
Storing and Using
FS16 should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry warehouse to prevent from sunshine and rain. Environmental temperature should be 0-35℃.
FS16L can be supplied with anti-freezing type as per user’s requirement.
Quality guarantee period for FS16S is 24 months and 12 months for FS16L. The products should be re-tested after these periods.

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