• QLC35-4M Hot Oil Unit
  • QLC35-4M Hot Oil Unit
  • QLC35-4M Hot Oil Unit
  • QLC35-4M Hot Oil Unit
  • QLC35-4M Hot Oil Unit
  • QLC35-4M Hot Oil Unit
  • QLC35-4M Hot Oil Unit
  • QLC35-4M Hot Oil Unit

QLC35-4M Hot Oil Unit


Max. Working Pressure2,900 psi (20 MPa);4,350 psi (30 MPa)

Max. Displacement of High Pressure Hot Flushing30.6 gpm @ 2,900 psi (116 L/min @ 20 MPa)

Max. Displacement of High Pressure Cold Flushing298 gpm @ 4,350 psi (1,130 L/min @ 30 MPa)

Heating Capacity2.4 MBTU (1.0 MW)

Max. Heating Temperature320 °F (160 ℃)


Brief Introduction:

Model QLC35-4M hot oil unit uses compressed natural gas as its fuel. Plunger pump pressurizes cleaner and then discharge the cleaner directly or the pressurized cleaner is heated by boiler and then discharged, which achieves such many processes as cold water well flushing, hot water flushing, plug removal and hot pressing. Meanwhile, the unit is also used to remove wax on surface pipelines and thawing & cleaning of pipelines in extremely cold areas.

Model QLC35-4M hot oil unit is truck mounted and takes power from chassis. It mainly consists of the chassis, combustor, boiler, plunger pump, pressure reducing skid, CNG bottles skid and fuel heater, etc.

It adopts three-axle full drive chassis, which makes the unit applicable to harsh oilfield operation conditions.
    Engine:Cursor F2CE3681G*P(C9-350)(GB 17691-2005 Phase IV, 350 HP (260 KW) @ 2,100 rpm)
    Transmission:ZF 5S-150GP(9 forward gears,1 reverse gear)
    Load Capacity:74,957 lb (34 T)
    Maximum Speed:83㎞/h

The truck mounted combustor can achieve such functions as auto pre-purging, auto ignition, auto combustion, whole-process flame detection, flame out safety protection and abnormality alarming, etc.
    Rated Power:232~1,160KW    
    Applicable Power Source:24VDC(Adjustable as per region)
    Control Mode:Full Auto Combustion Procedure Control
    Fuel:Purified natural gas(NG/LNG/CNG)
    Maximum Gas Consumption:120Nm³/h
    Inlet Gas Pressure:1 psi (7 KPa)

It adopts horizontal coil DC boiler with high heat transfer efficiency.
    Maximum Working Pressure:2,900 psi (20 MPa)
    Ambient Working Temperature: -40 °F~140 °F (-40 ℃~+60 ℃)    
    Rated Thermal Power:8.4M BTU/h (1.0 MW)    
    Rated Flowrate:30.6 gpm (116 L/min)    
    Rated Evaporation Capacity:1,000 Kg/h    
    Rated Inlet/Outlet Temperature:50/320 °F (10/160 ℃)    
    Maximum Smoke Exhaust Temperature:≤338 °F (170 ℃)    
    Designed Efficiency:90%    
    Applicable Fuel:CNG    

Fuel Heater
It is used to warm up CNG to make sure the temperature of the CNG entering the combustor meets the requirements of this unit.
    Heat Flowrate:20KW    
    Working Voltage:DC24V(Adjustable as per region)
    Gas Consumption:91.8 SCFH (2.6 m³/h)    
    Pressure Reducing Valve Input Pressure:174~3,190 psi (15~220 bar)    
    Water Pump Flowrate:79,200 gpm (5,000 L/h)   

Plunger Pump
The unit adopts horizontal triplex plunger pump with safety unloading valve, safe and reliable.
    Maximum Input Power:167 hp (125 KW)  
    Speed Range:50~300rpm    
    Working Pressure:5,075 psi (35 MPa)   
    Maximum Displacement:298 gpm (1,130 L/min)  
    Ambient Working Temperature:-40 °F~140 °F (-40 ℃~+60 ℃) 
    Working Medium Temperature:32 °F~212 °F (0 ℃~+100 ℃)

Pressure Reducing Skid
    It can achieve the warming and the pressure reducing of CNG. It is also equipped with many detection devices for leakage points.
    Type:Two-stage pressure reducing (stage 1st : one for use, one for standby), water bath type
    Working Temperature:-40 °F~140 °F (-40 ℃~+60 ℃)
    Rated Outlet Flowrate:120Nm³/h
    Inlet Pressure:2,900 psi (20 MPa)
    Outlet Pressure:0.7~1.1 psi (5~8 KPa)
    Outlet Temperature:50 °F ~104 °F ( 10 ℃~+40 ℃)
    Fluid Medium:CNG
    Minimum Service Life:15 years

Storage Cylinders Skid
The volume of medium and the quantity of storage cylinders are optional.
    Full Load Working Time:2~3 hours
    Working Temperature:-22 °F ~113 °F (-30 ℃~+45 ℃)
    Rated Pressure:2,900 psi (20 MPa)
    Volume of Medium in Standard State:240 Nm³
    Quantity of Storage Cylinders:3(Optional)

The cold flushing efficiency of this unit is up to 110,9520 gpm @ 5,075 psi (70 m³/h @ 35 MPa), and the hot flushing temperature raising output power is up to 4M BTU/h (1.6 MW). (M Btu/h, M stands for million, Btu is imperial thermal unit, 1Btu equals the quantity of heat for 1 pound water to increase 1°F, 4MBtu roughly equals the heat quantity generated from burning of 170kg coal or 23 gal diesel.)
High Automation Level
The combustor can achieve one-button startup and the overall unit can achieve fool-style operation. All the operation data can be recorded and transferred.

Simple Structure
The unit takes power from the chassis, which saves space and improves the utilization of chassis, convenient for installation and maintenance.
Applicable for Complex Working Conditions High horse power chassis dedicated to oilfield and the specially designed side rear protection can meet different kinds of complex & harsh working conditions.

Safe & Reliable
Storage cylinders skid, pressure reducing skid and gas heater have the function of leakage point detection. Once leakage or emergency shutdown occurs, the unit can quickly disconnect pipelines to prevent any accident.
The exhaust temperature of the specially designed boiler is controlled within 338 °F (170 ℃) which is far lower than the ignition point of natural gas (1,202 °F (650 ℃));
The storage cylinders skid can be disassembled quickly. It adopts anti-static and anti-collision measures for the parts vulnerable to any friction and collision.
Model QLC35-4M hot oil unit adopts separation layout between high temperature devices and fuel section (The combustor, boiler, fuel heater and chassis engine are concentrated to the front part of the truck, while the fuel components are on the tail part.), which is safe and reliable.

Environmental- friendly
Compressed natural gas is a kind of green fuel with non- pollution and lower lost.



Max. Working Pressure

2,900 psi (20 MPa);4,350 psi (30 MPa)

Max. Displacement of High Pressure Hot Flushing

30.6 gpm @ 2,900 psi (116 L/min @ 20 MPa)

Max. Displacement of High Pressure Cold Flushing

298 gpm @ 4,350 psi (1,130 L/min @ 30 MPa)

Heating Capacity

2.4 MBTU (1.0 MW)

Max. Heating Temperature

320 °F (160 ℃)

Heating Medium

Cleaner, crude oil, water, tec.



Operation Method

Touchscreen Operation

Control Method

Automatically Controlled by The PLC

Working Temperature

-22 °F~113 °F (-30 ℃~+45 ℃)


Truck mounted, take power from chassis

Fire-fighting Equipment

8kg dry powder extinguishers

Overall Weight

≤55,115 lb (25,000 Kg)


47” ×98.4” ×155”(1,193×2,500×3,950 mm)

For those customers who have special requirements in carrier, cleaner flowrate/temperature/pressure, fuel, working environment, main application, we can provide the best solutions from the design to the final product based on our years’ experience.

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