• QLC40-8M Hot Oil Unit
  • QLC40-8M Hot Oil Unit
  • QLC40-8M Hot Oil Unit
  • QLC40-8M Hot Oil Unit
  • QLC40-8M Hot Oil Unit
  • QLC40-8M Hot Oil Unit

QLC40-8M Hot Oil Unit


Max. Working Pressure5,800 /10,150 psi 40/70 MPa (Customizable)

Max. Displacement of High Pressure Hot Flushing100 gpm (375 L/min)

Max. Displacement of High Pressure Cold Flushing138 gpm (522 L/min)

Heating Capacity8.4 MBTU/H (2.4 MW)

Max. Heating Temperature248 °F ( 120 ℃) (Crude Oil) 208 °F (95 ℃)(Hot Water)


Brief Introduction:
Model QLC40-8M hot oil unit is mainly used for oil well cleaning and medium heating, which can achieve such processes as max and plug removal in oil well and pipelines. The unit can provide such four operation modes as high temperature & pressure, high temperature & low pressure, low temperature & low pressure and low temperature & high pressure. The maximum heating capacity is up to 8.4M BTU/h (2.4 MW), which can be customized as per customers’ requirements.
Model QLC40-8M hot oil unit uses diesel oil as its fuel. The unit is truck mounted and takes power from chassis. It mainly consists of the chassis, heater, triplex plunger pump, control cabinet, fluid supply pump and fluid buffer tank. Hot oil unit is applicable for onshore and desert oilfield operations.

The unit adopts Kenworth T800 chassis dedicated to oilfield, which is suitable for non-grade highway and the muddy, windy and dusty oilfields.
Engine: CUMMINS ISX-450(450 HP (335 KW) @ 2,000 RPM)
Transmission: Fuller RTLO18913A 13-speed (14 forward gears, 2 reverse gears)
Load: 66,138 lb (30T)
Maximum Speed:85 km/h

The heater adopts direct ignition and a whole–process proportional control. The heater is equipped with flame safety system so that the fuel pipeline will be cut off quickly if any abnormality is detected.
Fuel: Diesel Oil
Applicable Power Source: 24VDC (Adjustable as per region)
Ventilation System: Forced Draught
Control Mode: Automatic Control
Protection System: Remotely controlled CO2/Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
Plunger Pump
The unit adopts horizontal triplex plunger pump with safety unloading valve, safe and reliable.
Maximum Input Power:165 hp (121 KW)      
Speed Range:50~300 rpm 
Rated Working Pressure:6,200 PSI (42.7 MPa)
Maximum Displacement:138 gpm (521 L/min)
Ambient Working Temperature:-40 °F~140 °F (-40 ℃~+60 ℃)  
Working Medium Temperature:32 °F~212 °F (0 ℃~+100 ℃)    

Control Cabinet
The hot oil unit adopts centralized control mode. The control and the monitoring units are all installed inside control cabinet, which includes the following parts:
Engine EDM (it displays such information as engine rotary speed& working time, engine oil pressure & temperature, coolant temperature, voltage of system and engine diagnosis information.)
Engine Control Unit
Remote Clutch Control Unit
Main Power Switch
Discharge Pressure Gauge
Hydraulic System Pressure Gauge
Hydraulic System Temperature Gauge
Fuel System Pressure Gauge
Fuel System Temperature Gauge
Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Control Unit
Serial Communication
Emergency Shutdown Button
Emergency Fire Fighting Unit

Fluid Supply Pump
The unit is equipped with two fluid supply pumps which are a centrifugal pump with displacement of 475 gpm (1,800 L/min) and a gear pump with displacement of 196 gpm (744 L/min) respectively. These two hydraulic driven pumps can work separately as backup or synergistically.

Fluid Buffer Tank
The fluid tank includes such two chambers as cleaner buffer tank and fuel storage tank. There is a heat insulation partition in middle of fluid tank.

High Heating Capacity: The maximum heating capacity can be up to 8.4M BTU/H (2.4 MW).
Full-coverage functions: It is applicable for such four working conditions as HTHP, HTLP, LTHP and LTLP.
High Automation Level: It is equipped with JEREH 2.0 intelligent control system and one-key setting. The unit can adjust water temperature automatically with deviation within 35.6 °F (2 ℃).
Safety & Reliability: The unit is equipped with remote CO2/dry powder fire fighting protection device. It also has ultrahigh pressure and temperature auto protection function.
Wide-range Working Medium: With high temperature resistance and anti-corrosion functions, the unit is applicable for such working medium as water, sea water, crude oil and other chemical solutions.
The unit is equipped with 2,641gal (10 m³) large-volume fluid storage tank and 528 gal (2 m³) fuel tank, fluid supply system, high-viscosity fluid transportation system to make sure continuous efficient operations at site.
Strong Power: The unit adopts the chassis equipped with 450hp engine and takes power from chassis. The unit is applicable for all kinds of harsh road conditions.



Max. Working Pressure

5,800 /10,150 psi 40/70 MPa (Customizable)

Max. Displacement of High Pressure Hot Flushing

100 gpm (375 L/min)

Max. Displacement of High Pressure Cold Flushing

138 gpm (522 L/min)

Heating Capacity

8.4 MBTU/H (2.4 MW)

Max. Heating Temperature

248 °F (120 ℃) (Crude Oil); 208 °F (95 ℃) (Hot Water)

Heating Medium

Cleaner, crude oil, water, tec.


Diesel Oil

Operation Method

Touch Screen& Buttons

Control Mode


Working Temperature

32 °F~122 °F (0 ℃~+50 ℃)


Truck mounted, take power from chassis

Fire-fighting Equipment

Two dry powder fire extinguishers (8 kg each)

Overall Weight

About 54,013 lb (24,500 Kg ), empty tank; About 66,138 lb (30,000 Kg), full tank


456” ×102” ×144” (11,600×2,590×3,660 mm)

For those customers who have special requirements in carrier, cleaner flowrate/temperature/pressure, fuel, working environment, main application, we can provide the best solutions from the design to the final product based on our years’ experience.

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