• Skid Mounted Automatic Cement Mixer
  • Skid Mounted Automatic Cement Mixer
  • Skid Mounted Automatic Cement Mixer
  • Skid Mounted Automatic Cement Mixer
  • Skid Mounted Automatic Cement Mixer
  • Skid Mounted Automatic Cement Mixer

Skid Mounted Automatic Cement Mixer

EngineCAT C9 224kW (300hp)

Slurry Mixing Tank2.4 m³ (15 bbl)

Electrical system24 V


This skid mounted automatic cement mixer mainly consists of the base skid, protective frame, automatic mixing system (AMS), mixing tank, power system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electric system, instrument control box, packing lubrication system, manifold system and AMS control system .

This skid can accurately and continuously perform slurry mixing for oilfield cementing operations.

During operation, three hydraulic systems powered by the engine drive the mixing water pump, recirculating pump, agitator motor and cement throttling valve through hydraulic pumps.

The water supply pump serves to provide water to the high energy mixer. Water regulated by the water throttling valve and bulk cement regulated by the cement throttling valve will get mixed in the diffuser. The premixed slurry will go into the mixing tank where it will be mixed again through agitation. Finally the recirculating pump will perform the secondary mixing to optimize.

Basic Parameters




1.0~2.6 g/cm³

Maximum Mixing Capacity

2.3 m³/min

Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)

4,000×2,250×2,900 mm  


6,000 Kg


High Control Accuracy

The visual operation interfaces make operation simple and helps avoid misoperation. Advanced calculation achieves the automatic control of liquid level, density and displacement. After parameter setting, it is available to complete the operation through one key, which makes the mixing system stable and fast.

Humanized design

All the equipment control devices are integrated in or around the instrument box on the operation platform. The overall arrangement makes sure that operators can conveniently and clearly monitor the working status of all switches, instruments and each system.

Mixing System

The equipment adopts the AMS 2.5--bivariate automatic mixing system which is independently developed by JEREH . The computer operation is easy to learn. Density setting and manual/auto switch are convenient. The automatic control is more sensitive, accurate and intelligent.

High Mixing Capacity

Apply advanced secondary mixing technology. Mixing methods include injection mixing, agitation mixing and recirculation mixing which get slurry density accurately controlled. This equipment is available for continuous bath mixing which greatly improves the mixing effect and efficiency.

Detailed parameters


CAT C9 224kW (300hp)




Slurry Mixing Tank

2.4 m³ (15 bbl)

Electrical system

24 V

Slurry mixing system

AMS 2.5

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