• Stimulation Vessel
  • Stimulation Vessel

Stimulation Vessel

Length (Loa)75 m (246 ft)

Beam17.2 m (56 ft)

Depth7.8 m (24 ft)

Draft6.5 m (21 ft)

Design Speed12 kt


The vessel is purpose-designed for deep-water well stimulation. It provides a wide range of reliable, high efficient and safe offshore services including acid fracturing, proppant fracturing, and nitrogen assisted fracturing.

The blending, pumping and storage system as well as proppant, gel, acid, water providing system are incorporated in the overall package, making offshore stimulation easy to conduct, from small treatment to large hydraulic fracturing.

Main Particulars

Marine data

Length (Loa)

75 m (246 ft)


17.2 m (56 ft)


7.8 m (24 ft)


6.5 m (21 ft)

Design Speed

12 kt


3300 t

Main Gensets

4×1800 kw

Station Keeping

DP2 system

Storage Tank Capacity

Acid Tank

320  (84,500 gal)

Liquid nitrogen tank

15  (4,000 gal)

Liquid additives

Total 90  (23,700 gal)

Deliverable proppant

250  (8,800 ft³)

Water tank

360  (95,100 gal)

Gel tank

380  (100,400 gal)

Frac tank

290  (76,600 gal)

Flow back residual tank

230  (60,700 gal)

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