• TZC 18 Carbon Dioxide Booster Pump Unit
  • TZC 18 Carbon Dioxide Booster Pump Unit
  • TZC 18 Carbon Dioxide Booster Pump Unit
  • TZC 18 Carbon Dioxide Booster Pump Unit
  • TZC 18 Carbon Dioxide Booster Pump Unit
  • TZC 18 Carbon Dioxide Booster Pump Unit
  • TZC 18 Carbon Dioxide Booster Pump Unit
  • TZC 18 Carbon Dioxide Booster Pump Unit

TZC 18 Carbon Dioxide Booster Pump Unit

ModelTZC 18

ChassisBEIBEN/BENZ/VOLVO etc.According to customer needs

EngineDDC S60

Pump driveFUNK 5928

Centrifugal pumpFLOWSERVE 8HPX19A 10×8×18

Gas-liquid separator12.6 bbl (2 m³)

Max. Discharge Pressure363 psi (2.5 MPa)


The unit is a truck mounted carbon dioxide booster pump unit. The deck engine provides power for the two carbon dioxide centrifugal pumps. The whole unit consists of chassis, carbon dioxide booster pump system, gas/liquid separator, fluid filling and discharging system, air intake/exhaust system, control box, etc.. The unit is equipped with coolant heating system to heat the fuel and hydraulic oil, which is suitable for cold environments. The unit is also equipped with necessary ladders, lighting system and fire extinguishers.


1. The unit is designed with two boost centrifugal pumps, the maximum theoretical displacement is up to 4,755 gpm‍ (18 m³/min) and the maximum displacement of a single pump is 2,403gpm (9.1 m³/min), which can fulfill the needs of small and medium-scale fracturing operations. Compared with the former multiple booster pump units, it saves space at site and reduces the equipment cost.

2.Strong motor performance and high transportation capacity. The unit is vehicle type, adapted to a variety of road conditions, the chassis can be selected according to customer needs.

3.Complete certification. Jereh has the qualification and capability of designing and manufacturing equipment according to different law and regulation requirements of different countries, including 3C、DOT、CDOT、ADR certification, etc.

4.Brand advantages. All the key parts of Jereh nitrogen pumping unit are international top brands, such as DDC engine, Funk pump drive, Flowserve centrifugal pump, etc.

5. Advanced intelligent control system equipped can achieve the remote control of the equipment. The unit is equipped with Jereh intelligent control system developed by Jereh independently which can achieve real-time monitoring and recording of the parameters such as pressure, displacement and discharge temperature. It can also save the operation data for convenient later data analysis and query.

6.Convenient maintenance. It designs maintenance platform, and the necessary ladders

7. It is equipped with gas/liquid separator to separate the gaseous carbon dioxide from the liquid and ensure the purity of liquid carbon dioxide.

8. The centrifugal pumps with strong anti-interference capacity can work at the rated rotary speed under all working conditions.

9.The equipment is equipped with ultra low pressure and ultra high temperature protection system. The protection pressure and temperature value can be set according to the requirements of the operations to improve equipment safety.

Main Technical Parameters


TZC 18


BEIBEN/BENZ/VOLVO etc. According to customer needs



Pump drive

FUNK 5928

Centrifugal pump


Gas-liquid separator

12.6 bbl (2 m³)

Max. Discharge Pressure

363 psi (2.5 MPa)

Max. Displacement

4,755 gpm‍ (18 m³/min)

Overall Dimensions

≤433.1"×98.4"×157.5" (11,000 mm×2,500 mm×4,000 mm )


≤55,116 lb (25,000 kg)

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