Mud Pump Fluid End Part Design Feature
Mud pump fluid end assembly mainly consists of fluid end, valve assembly, liners and pistons.
All sealing parts are tightened, featuring good sealing performance. Vertical fluid end features good suction performance. Mud pump fluid end parts are interchangeable with abroad brands, such as EMSCO, IDECO, OILWELL, GARDNER DENVOR, NATIONAL, SKYTOP, OPI, WIRTH, WILSON pump parts.
Valve Assembly
The suction valve and discharge valve of F-series mud pump are interchangeable. F-500 mud pump uses API 5# valve, F-800/1000 mud pumps use API 6# valve. F-1300/1600/1600HL mud pumps use API 7# valve. D-2200/2200HL mud pumps use API 8# valve.
NOTE: When the working pressure of F-1600HL and D2200HL mud pumps exceeds 34.5MPa (5000Psi), special high-pressure valve assembly should be used.Inquire Now

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