• YBC24-2 Data Van
  • YBC24-2 Data Van
  • YBC24-2 Data Van
  • YBC24-2 Data Van
  • YBC24-2 Data Van
  • YBC24-2 Data Van

YBC24-2 Data Van


Number of Fracturing Units Controlled24 Units

Number of Sand Blenders Monitored2 Units


YBC24-2 data van (network) is applicable for monitoring the whole process of fracturing and acidizing in onshore oil and gas wells. It can control 24 fracturing units and monitor 2 sand blenders at most. It can achieve the functions of collecting, displaying and recording the whole-process data in real-time, and then processing the data and finally printing the output data and curve.

Basic Parameters:



Number of Fracturing Units Controlled:

24 Units

Number of Sand Blenders Monitored:

2 Units

Generator Power:

16 kW

Overall Dimensions (L×W×H):

≤30.5×8.2×13.1 ft (9,300×2,500×4,000 mm)  


 35,270 lb (16,000 kg)


High Stability: Multiple power supply modes meet the operations requirements under different working conditions. The communication network adopts circular connection mode to ensure effective monitoring of frac jobs. The data acquisition system and fracturing pumping control system employ backup mode to provide double guarantees to operations.

High Compatibility: Control multiple units and collect various kinds of signals. Control a large-scale frac spread with displaying data of 12 frac pumpers on one screen.

Practicality: Military-quality cabin with high safety performance, reasonable layout and humanized design. The internal space of the cabin can have customized design.

High-end Performance: Remote monitoring function makes it possible to monitor the operation sites from the office. Portable hand-held data acquisition system ensures the operation data can be checked at any time.

Data Van Description

The unit consists of the chassis, cabin, cabinets, shock absorption system, power supply system, communication system, air conditioning system, computer data acquisition and processing system, fracturing unit control system and sand blender monitoring system.

The power of the unit can be supplied by a 16 kW diesel generator or by an external 220 VAC power source. When there is no external 220 VAC, start the diesel generator to supply the electric system of the unit with power. When there is external power source, connect the unit to the shore power through the shore power socket.

The electric system of the data van is equipped with one 16 kW AC generator and one set of UPS and battery package which constitute one advanced vehicle power supply system. This power supply system provides reliable and stable power for the IPCs, monitors, data collector and related electrical equipments. The UPS power supply system has the function of supplying power continuously. When the data van is powered off, the UPS power supply system will still supply power to the key devices to make the analysis system work for at least four hours (The specific time is determined by the devices that the UPS supplies power to).

The data acquisition and monitoring system is the core of the whole data van. This system can be divided into Jereh Data Acquisition System (JDAS), fracturing unit control system and sand blender monitoring system.

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