• YDC1000KDF Truck Mounted Nitrogen Pumper
  • YDC1000KDF Truck Mounted Nitrogen Pumper
  • YDC1000KDF Truck Mounted Nitrogen Pumper
  • YDC1000KDF Truck Mounted Nitrogen Pumper
  • YDC1000KDF Truck Mounted Nitrogen Pumper
  • YDC1000KDF Truck Mounted Nitrogen Pumper

YDC1000KDF Truck Mounted Nitrogen Pumper


ChassisBENZ/VOLVO/BEIBEN etc. According to customer needs

EngineMTU 12V2000

TransmissionAllison S8610M

Plunger pumpACD 5-SLS 2"/2.52" (50.8/64 mm)


Boost pumpACD AC-18


The unit mainly consists of the truck, engine, transmission, plunger pump, vaporizer, centrifugal boost pump, hydraulic system, lubrication system, instrument control system, electric system and high/low pressure manifold.
During normal operation, the liquid nitrogen from the tank flows to the plunger pump and it is pressurized to the working pressure by the plungers. Then the high pressure liquid nitrogen will go to the vaporizer where it is vaporized to high pressure gaseous nitrogen and then discharged from the discharge valve.


1.The unit pressurizes the low temperature and low pressure liquid nitrogen through plunger pump, vaporizes the liquid nitrogen to high pressure gaseous nitrogen in the vaporizer and then discharges the high pressure gaseous nitrogen. The maximum nitrogen displacement is 1000K SCFH (28,316 m³/h)and maximum discharge pressure is 15,000 psi (103.4 MPa). The unit has been widely used in operations such as nitrogen fracturing, gas lift and nitrogen displacement.

2. Large displacement and high pressure. The liquid nitrogen is vaporized through burning fuel directly, which features high fuel efficiency, quick reaction, high working efficiency, high purity of nitrogen purity (over 99%), and stable discharge temperature.

3. The unit uses the most advanced direct-fired vaporizer in the world. It has the functions of pilot ignition and 8 independent combustion cylinders. The number of working combustion cylinders is controlled automatically according to the liquid nitrogen displacement. It features high fuel economy.

4. Jereh independently-designed direct-fired vaporizer control system, achieves the functions such as vaporizer ignition, automatic combustion, automatic control of the fan and nitrogen discharge temperature, and vaporizer protection, and makes the operation of the vaporizer more simple and direct.

5.Strong motor performance and high transportation capacity. The unit is vehicle type, adapted to a variety of road conditions, the chassis can be selected according to customer needs.

6.Complete certification. Jereh has the qualification and capability of designing and manufacturing equipment according to different law and regulation requirements of different countries, including 3C、DOT、CDOT、ADR certification, etc.

7.Brand advantages. All the key parts of Jereh nitrogen pumping unit are international top brands, such as MTU engine, Allison transmission, ACD liquid nitrogen pump, Cryoquip vaporizer, etc.

8.Advanced intelligent control system. The unit is equipped with Jereh intelligent control system developed by Jereh independently which can achieve real-time monitoring and recording of the parameters such as pressure, displacement, discharge temperature and related parameters of the vaporizer. It can also save the operation data for convenient later data analysis and query.

9.convenient maintenance. It designs maintenance platform, and the necessary ladders.

10.Rich experience in design and application.

The equipment is equipped with ultra high pressure and ultra low temperature protection system. The protection pressure and temperature value can be set according to the requirements of the operations to improve equipment safety.

There is filter in the pipe where the liquid nitrogen flows into the plunger pump to effectively filter the impurities in liquid nitrogen so as to extend the service life of the cold end.

There are liquid nitrogen collection pans at the low pressure manifold flange connections and hose connections to avoid the liquid nitrogen damaging the electric and hydraulic lines below, reduce the damages caused by liquid nitrogen to the main bearing parts and protect the paint film.

The pressure gauge pipe adopts spiral shock-absorption design to reduce the risk of damages to the main parts caused by vibration.

The units with control cabin are equipped with oxygen concentration detecting instrument to improve operation safety.

The units equip with a elbow bracket, a tube sink and a integral straight pipe bracket, which can install a 27m tatal length of straight pipe. It reduces the cost of a tube.

Main Technical Parameters




BENZ/VOLVO/BEIBEN etc. According to customer needs


MTU 12V2000


Allison S8610M

Plunger pump

ACD 5-SLS 2"/2.52" (50.8/64 mm)



Boost pump


Max. Nitrogen Discharge Pressure

15,000 psi (103.4 MPa) (2"cold end)
11,600 psi (80 MPa) (2.52"cold end)

Max. Nitrogen Displacement

675,000SCFH (19,113 m³/h) (2"cold end)
1,000,000 SCFH (28,316 m³/h) (2.52"cold end)

Max.Liquid Nitrogen Displacement

121 gpm (459 L/min) (2"cold end)
179 gpm (677 L/min) (2.52"cold end)

Nitrogen Discharge Temperature

60 ℉~70 ℉ (15 ℃~21 ℃)

Overall Dimensions

≤433.1"×98.4"×159" (11,000 mm×2,500 mm×4,040 mm)


≤61,729 lb (28,000 kg)

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