• YLT105-2500 Trailer Mounted Fracturing Unit
  • YLT105-2500 Trailer Mounted Fracturing Unit
  • YLT105-2500 Trailer Mounted Fracturing Unit
  • YLT105-2500 Trailer Mounted Fracturing Unit

YLT105-2500 Trailer Mounted Fracturing Unit


Max. Pump Displacement651 gpm (4"plunger)

Max. Discharge Pressure115,000 psi (105 MPa) (4"plunger)


The unit mainly consists of the chassis, engine, transmission, drive shaft, plunger pump, suction manifold, discharge manifold, fuel system, power end lubrication system, fluid end lubrication system, radiating system, electric system, hydraulic system, instrument & control system and heating system. The pumping function is achieved through the cooperation of all systems.

The unit, mainly used in oil & gas fields fracturing operations, can finish fracturing jobs individually as well as work as one part of a frac spread to achieve stimulation operations. During operation, the engine drives the frac pump through the transmission and drive shaft to suck in fracturing fluid through suction manifold. Then the pressurized fracturing fluid is discharged by the high pressure discharge manifold and pumped downhole to complete fracturing operations. The overall unit features simple pipeline arrangement, reasonable layout and compact structure. The unit can be controlled through the local control box or the remote control box. The working parameters of the deck engine, transmission and the plunger pump can be displayed completely. The unit is equipped with automatic overpressure protection device to ensure the safety and reliability of the operations.

This unit is applicable for onshore fracturing operations. All supplied parts are suitable for humid, rainy and sand ambient environment that varies from -40 °F ~ +131 °F (-40 °C ~ +55 °C)

Basic Parameters



Max. Pump Displacement

651 gpm (2.46 m³/min) (4"plunger)

Max. Discharge Pressure

15,000 psi (105 MPa) (4"plunger)

Max. Output Power

2,250 hp (1,680 kW)

Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)

≤45.9×8.5×13.5 ft (14,000×2,590×4,100 mm)


70,540 lb (32,000 kg)


Automatic Control of Displacement

The required displacement of each unit in a group can be calculated and controlled according to the set total displacement. The individual unit will calculate and adjust the gear and rotary speed automatically based on the displacement given by the main unit. When the individual units fail or more units are added, the main unit will calculate the data again.

High Reliability

The key parts are products of famous international brands. The overall unit is equipped with safety protection device to improve the safety of equipment and personnel during operations. Self identification of transmission gear shifting will reduce the impact and the throttle soft control will protect the engine.

Powerful Centralized Control

The portable remote control terminal can control 8 fracturing units at most. It has powerful centralized control capacity and can identify the type of fracturing units, which is suitable and convenient for small-scale fracturing operations.

Custom Design

The unit can meet the personalized requirements of customers. The chassis, engine, transmission and plunger pump can be configured according to the requirements of the customers.

Convenient Maintenance

 The passages at both sides maximize the convenience of inspection and maintenance in limited space. The unit is equipped with concealed pull-out self-limiting ladder and plunger pump maintenance platform to improve the maintenance efficiency.

Detailed Parameters


Two-axle Low Framework Trailer


MTU 12V4000 S83L 2,500 hp (1,864 kW) @ 1,900 rpm

Pump Drive

Allison 9826 OFS

Plunger Pump

JR 2500Q  4"

Electric System

24 V

High Pressure Manifold System

15,000 psi (105 MPa) (4"plunger)

Control System


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