• YZ-11-21 Hydraulic Power Station
  • YZ-11-21 Hydraulic Power Station
  • YZ-11-21 Hydraulic Power Station
  • YZ-11-21 Hydraulic Power Station

YZ-11-21 Hydraulic Power Station


Max. Pump Press3,000 psi

Max. Pump Flowrate20 mL/r


Brief Introduction:

With the improvement of intelligent control and portable operation in oilfield operation, hydraulic power station is applied widely. As the power source, it is used to assist on-site equipment to achieve automatic connection and disconnection of multiple pipelines, greatly convenient for site operation. Hydraulic power station designed by Jereh independently features easy operation, reliable action and strong comprehensive capacity, which complies with various technical requirements in GB/T3766-2001 Hydraulic System General Technical Specification.

Jereh hydraulic power station can control pipelines of arbitrary quantity according to customer requirements. Taking the hydraulic power station controlling four-way plug valve as an example, the parameters are as shown below:

Basic Parameters:

Model YZ-11-21
Max. Pump Press. 3,000 psi
Max. Pump Flowrate 20 mL/r
Motor Rated Power 11 kW
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 1,735×1,500×2,270 mm
Weight 1,650 kg


High Customization

It can achieve control of multiple pipelines according to customers’ requirements. It can adopt separate or integral design according to on-site layout and the electrical-drive and air-drive can be designed according to site conditions.

It is reserved with several pipelines. It follows high design standard, uses high-quality parts and can be connected with site equipment seamlessly.

The operation & control system developed by Jereh independently can achieve the operations of handle, remote control box and remote mobile equipment.
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