• ZRT-80K Coiled Tubing  Injector
  • ZRT-80K Coiled Tubing  Injector

ZRT-80K Coiled Tubing Injector


Intermittent Lifting Capacity40,000 kg

Continuous Lifting Capacity36,000 kg

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Suitable for common coiled tubing operations;
Key parts of top brands in the world, with reliable performance, ensuring the product quality and operation safety;
Manufactured strictly according to DNV and API standards.

Quick-change grippers (National Invention Patent);
Floating traction system (National Invention Patent) is adopted to reduce the damages to coiled tubing by grippers, extending the service life of tubing by 60%.
Unique design of skate to make the chain bearings enter the gripper section stably, which protects the coiled tubing and extends the service life of coiled tubing, grippers and the bearings.
Special traction bearings (National Invention Patent), which need neither disassembly for inspection nor lubrication, reducing the down time greatly;
Superior slow speed control to achieve high-precision compound operations.
Both the grippers and the gripper carriers are carbonized to achieve high surface strength, making the service life up to 2000 hours.
More than one hundred units working trouble-free at site for 10,000 hours.
Simple structure needing simple maintenance, which reduces the maintenance time and the cost.
Anti-fall device to ensure the safety of operations at height.

Tubing counter or sprocket encoder to monitor the tubing speed and depth;
Explosion-proof camera to monitor the injector and stripper in real-time;
Electronic load cells, hydraulic load cells or combination of electronic and hydraulic load cells.
72”, 100” or 120” gooseneck to meet the operation requirements of different tubing sizes;

Performance Data



Intermittent Lifting Capacity

40,000 kg

90,000 lb

Continuous Lifting Capacity

36,000 kg

80,000 lb

Continuous snubbing Capacity

18,000 kg

40,000 lb

Max. Speed @ Min. Displacement

58 m/min

190 ft/min

Max. Speed @ Max. Displacement

23 m/min


Tubing Sizes


Superior Slow Speed Control

0.2 m/min

7.9 in/min

Lifting Capacity Through Outer Frame 

43,000 kg

95,000 lb

Dimensions(Injector only)

1,670*1,450*2,670 mm 65.4/5*57*105.1/5 in

Weights(Injector only)

4,850 kg

10,690 lb

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